Friday, October 4, 2013

"Breaking Badfinger: Inspired Covers" : THE WEEKEND MIX

So, there's this TV show that just recently finished its run of six years and everybody went apeshit like it was the greatest thing since "Maude." And it might have been, but I wouldn't know because I have never seen it, not one minute. I've also never seen a minute of "Star Trek." Really, I haven't.

Thanks to this TV show, Badfinger is trending.

And so...some tunes came to mind and then this mix came to be. It's not all Badfinger covers, but there are a few, including one of the song that started it all to close the set. The rest, like Jon Brion's Queen cover or Jason Falkner's excellent stab at the Left Banke or Posy Jon Auer's take on a killer track by Bread are here because I like them all.

Any questions?


Come & Get It- Badfinger
Lonely You- Bill Lloyd
Play the Game- Jon Brion
Pretty Ballerina- Jason Falkner
That Means A Lot- Cheap Trick
Don't Pass Me By- Field Music
Games Of Magic- Jon Auer
Hey! Little Child- Tommy Keene
Oklahoma U.S.A.- Leigh Harris
Mandocello- Cheap Trick
Better Days- Brendan Benson
We're For The Dark- The Loud Family
Baby Blue- Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs



Anonymous said...

Hysterical post, your work here is much appreciated!

A walk in the woods said...

I've never seen Breaking Bad or any popular TV show of the last 7-10 years and could care less...

BUT Badfinger - them guys I care about!!

A fun story. I was working in a record store in 1984 in Atlanta. A woman came in and somehow we started talking about Badfinger. Not sure how; it's not like their star was on the ascendant then.

Anyway, she said she had dated Peter Ham. I was dubious until she later brought in semi-nude pics of him and her from the early 70s. Wow - wasn't expectin' THAT! As a bonus, she cassette-taped all of their vinyl albums for me, which for years were notoriously hard to find on CD.

Always have loved that band. Especially "No Matter What," which might be the apotheosis of The Most Perfect Pop Song. Along with "Cruel To Be Kind," that's my other candidate for that title.

dogbreath said...

A lot of tragedy & sadness in that band but some classic tunes came out of them. Thanks for this mix. I've never seen the TV show either which I guess is a bad break for me (see what I did there?)

Noam Sane said...

There was a great BBC radio doc (part of their series "Song Stories") on the song "Without You" that had some really interesting stuff about the genesis of that song and about Badfinger (and Harry N. of course) - naturally they won't stream it on this side of the pond but the web link is:

I may still have the mp3 somewhere (I found it in a newsgroup), if so I'll share it if anyone wants to hear.

For the short time we had them, the real thing - the very definition of power pop, hooks for days.

Breaking Bad had more "holy shit!" moments than I can count. A remarkable experience and I'm really glad I hung in there the whole way. I watch very little TV myself, really, though Uncle Grandpa is trending right now...the thinking man's Spongebob.

You folks have a A1 day!

Noam Sane said...

PS Best weekend mix EVER

Oxy said...

Nice list. I agree with the add-ons, too. Falkner takes "Pretty Ballerina" to a whole new level.

Muniquir V. Vengt said...

Sal Mineo to follow?!?

cmealha said...

Each one better than the next. Especially liked Mandocello. Missed that during my Christensen frenzy.

bglobe313 said...

To "A Walk In The Woods", I don't watch much TV either, but you should check out Breaking Bad. I don't have cable so only get to see the episodes months later on DVD or through a friend "taping" them.

As for that woman in Atlanta I wonder who she was from the women discussed in the book "Without You" or someone else.

In any case, Pete Ham was great. I honestly get very upset thinking that he is not creating music right now.

He may have had psychological problems that would have done him in anyway, but that horrible "manager" should (and if there is any justice DOES) live in torment in hell.

Have a nice day.

Ace K.

Aaron said...

But you used the term "trending," without quotes or irony, so your out of touch grumpy old man status is revoked. Turn in your membership card immediately.

That said, this mix is incredible. Keep it up grandpa.

Sal Nunziato said...

Sorry Aaron. I'm keeping my card. That sentence would have made Myron Cohen proud.

ASH On The Beat said...

Excellent comp Sal!