Friday, October 11, 2013

"Fillmore Highlights, 2010" : THE WEEKEND MIX

I've gone on about the Black Crowes a number of times on these pages. To some, they are a pale imitation of the Faces and Stones, who make matters worse by extending songs in concert to "Dark Star" length. I won't argue with the occasional live noodling, but having been a fan since their debut and having seen the band live somewhere in the high 50 times, I think the Crowes get a bad rap.

Their name gets tossed on the same piles as so many inferior bands who find a riff and jam incessantly on one chord while the throngs of hacky-sackers spin dance and bob their heads like baseball nodders. The Black Crowes are a far better group of musicians and songwriters than that.

Now, what I've put together here may not necessarily be the most ideal way to sell my points, but what is here does represent a few of my favorite things.

In December of 2010, the Crowes closed out their first (or was it third) "farewell" tour with a 6 night run at The Fillmore in San Francisco. Acoustic and electric sets, originals and covers, album faves and unrecorded gems. I've put together a dozen highlights pulled from those 6 nights. There are 4 originals, as well as covers of songs by Pink Floyd, Delaney & Bonnie, Traffic, Marvin Gaye via The Band courtesy of Holland-Dozier-Holland, Tom Rush, Neil Young, Joe Cocker and The Stones.

Maybe give it a listen.


Hotel Illness
Comin' Home
Cold Boy Smile
Feelin' Alright
Don't Do it
Lost My Drivin' Wheel
Soul Singing
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Space Captain
I Just Want To See His Face



iggy said...

I'm looking forward to this introduction to the Crows. Thanks, Sal, and enjoy your weekend.


Gene Oberto said...

I was one of the legion of fans who didn't see them as a Dead-like jam band (probably because I haven't seen them) but I did lump them in as a Stones/Faces plagiaristic band with the dash of the real South that the former bands always tried to aspire to.

Since then, I have overcome the prejudice and come to appreciate the talent and cohesiveness of the band as the brothers did not succumb to the Davis/Gallagher Brothers implosions.

It's either that or it's the proof of the adage if you say something enough times, people start to believe it. I'm a Believer...but that's another story.

buzzbabyjesus said...

I'm ready. This just might be exactly what I need.
At least it's not a "best of" the last 20 years of Elton John.

Dr Wu said...

I saw them for the first time at an outdoor show with the Tedeschi Trucks Band this summer. The whole gig was amazing! Excited to hear this mix. Thanks again, Sal.

kevin m said...

Sal - with you 100%. Have loved these guys since day 1 and have seen about 30 shows. Enjoyed them all. I already most of these recordings as they were available via iTunes. Awesome version of Just Wanna See His Face!

Saw them with TTB in August. Wonderful night! Seeing them in Port Chester next weekend (acoustic) and at Terminal Five the next weekend (with Blind Boys of Alabama as opening act). Can't wait.

Thanks for posting this.

A walk in the woods said...

I'm from Atlanta, and saw the Crowes back in their first incarnation when they played around Athens Georgia in '86-'88 as Mr. Crowes Garden. When that first Black Crowes album came out in 1990, 96 Rock (local rock station) played the livin' HAY-UUULLL out of it - but I loved it. Bought it on vinyl.

Since then, I've been less interested, other than in terms of specific singles like "Remedy." So, I'm looking forward to this mix to hear what I've been missing.

dogbreath said...

I'm also a long-time fan & get a load of live stuff off their download site - but not these Fillmore tracks so thanks for these dozen little beauties. A weekend great, have!

shadreck said...

Thanks a lot, Sal for adding to the weekend.

Jim G said...

Count me in the group who thinks of them as hippie noodlers but I must admit they have excellent taste on covers so I'm going to listen to this.

Really like your blog and the songs of the week format. I'm also pretty sure I shopped in NYCD a few times way back when, so I'm glad I found the blog.

Thanks for the music!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sal. I believe one of your songs should have been credited to David Wiffen.