Sunday, October 20, 2013

Songs Of The Week 3.0: 10/12-10/18

Silly Thing- Sex Pistols
I Am What I Am- Adrian Belew
Misdemeanor- Foster Sylvers
Jenny Wren- Paul McCartney
Follow Your Bliss- The B-52's
Dark Moon- Gale Storm
The Kiss Off- The Icicle Works



A walk in the woods said...

Two comments: one, I love the Icycle Works and haven't heard their name mentioned in ages. "Whisper To A Scream" will always be locked in to my personal Top 25 songs.

Two, is the Sex Pistols doing the Graham Parker tune?? If so, cool and weird - and if not, I'm sure it will be fun to hear. DLing now...


That Foster Sylvers song sounds like a cousin of the Jacksons!

As always ... Thanks Sal.

Anonymous said...

.... is the Sex Pistols doing the Graham Parker tune?

They is!

It are!!

It am!!!


Cheers Obey Gravity

dogbreath said...

Thanks as always for the weekly, er, SOTW. Good to hear the Pistols giving it some welly and the Icicles song is a welcome reminder of times past - Love is a wonderful colour & all that stuff. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sal

Gale Storm track is great.