Friday, November 8, 2013


A bunch of fried chicken-eating, sleazy but lovable roots rockers from Chapel Hill reimagining Nirvana and Pink Floyd, a soul revivalist from Brookline, MA. reinventing Motorhead and the best of Ohio's grunge serving up their version of a Motown classic--it all works sitting alongside classics from The Rascals, The Funk Brothers and Ann Peebles. Even Aerosmith and AC/DC get their grooves on.

This "Weekend Mix" was inspired by yesterday's pass through Lady Dottie & The Diamond's debut and it is my favorite kind of compilation. Opening with a legendary British pubrocker turned producer turned premiere songwriter and closing with the one and only Jimi Hendrix who defied all genres, here is an hour of music that may not look right on paper, but feels, at least to my ears, like it all belongs.


Heart Of The City- Nick Lowe
Come On Up- The Rascals
The Things I Do For You- Jr. Walker & The All-Stars
Come As You Are/Lucifer Sam- Southern Culture On The Skids
I'm Tore Down- Freddie King
Can't Buy My Love- Barbara Lynn
Take Me In Your Arms- The Funk Brothers
That's What They Put Erasers On Pencils For- The Gems
Ace Of Spades- Eli "Paperboy" Reed
Walkin' The Dog- Aerosmith
Who Shot The La-La- Willy Deville
Can't Get Enough Of You Baby- The Toys
Down Time- Houndog
The Gravedigger- The Bluerunners
Something Good- Carla Thomas
Come See About Me- The Afghan Whigs
Somebody's On Your Case- Ann Peebles
Raise Your Hand- Eddie Floyd
Get It Hot- AC/DC
Fire- Jimi Hendrix Experience



Stu said...

Long-time SCOTS fan, nice to see them get a mention here. Good weekend to you, Sal.

dogbreath said...

Works for me! Thanks for putting in the time & effort as usual. May your weekend be as wonderful as you want it to be. Cheers!

A walk in the woods said...

Looks shweeet to me ~ interested to hear what the Afghan Whigs do with Come See About Me. Thanks Sal!

Noam Sane said...

I'm at work and this mix is saving my brain.

Thank you so very much, Sal.

Noam Sane said...

OK, on my 2nd pass through. This one's killer.

The minor-key approach to the Supremes tune is really interesting, gives it almost a Neil Young flavor (at least in the verses). It kinda works, I'm surprised.

The "Come As You Are" riff is a surf riff. Never crossed my mind, but yep. Very cool.

Paperboy, Willie Deville, Bluerunners - just fantastic tunes, beautifully recorded.

Carla, Ann, Barbara - you cannot go wrong with any of these ladies, but the Peebles knocks me out the most.

AC/DC and Aerosmith are the outliers. I was reading an interview with Bob Brainen, the great WFMU DJ, and he was saying he never got Van Halen (the quote: "Tasteless. I don't get it, end of sentence.") I do like VH, but that statement applies to AC/DC for me - just do not understand. I've never heard anything by them that didn't strike me as tuneless, LCD ugliness. Different strokes, etc.

(interview's here:

it's fun...just like his show)

As for Fire, what can you say, and I will. Studio version's great, of course, but this live take from the '69 Albert Hall show is jaw-dropping...especially the ending, which just sums the guy up totally, this perfect blast of tonic feedback for about four seconds and they slam the door shut, schwoooom! We used to play this over and over in the dorm as we bonged away, many moons ago, but even as a straight old guy it destroys me.

Okay, that got me away from work for ten minutes. Thanks Sal, have a great weekend all. My CD will be on sale in the lobby.

Sal Nunziato said...


I've defended many artists on this blog, but I won't defend AC/DC. I totally get what people don't get. But if I may...what I love about this band...and I mean how they've never changed. Not once. Ever. It's just balls and riffs and energy. You can count on AC/DC. Unless of course, you hate them.

And that version of "Fire" rocks, except the drumming sucks. 1969. Must be Buddy Miles.

Jerry Lee said...

What Stu said. Keep your eyes on the stage during 8 Piece Box.

charlie c. said...

So who listens on paper anymore?!?