Friday, November 29, 2013

Got Dem Ol' Black Friday, Record Store Day Blues Again

What can I say? I hate Record Store Day. I hate it even more than Black Friday. So a Black Friday Record Store Day is really making me twitch.

Let's face it. Everyday is Record Store Day in my house. And to say I'm a tad bitter that the first RSD came just a few years after I closed up shop for good is the understatement of all understatements.

Last day of business fell on Christmas Eve. All the regulars came by to pay their respects. It was a sweet and sad day. But it was also filled with a plethora of excuses, all of which were similar.

"So sorry to see you go, I just don't buy records or CDs anymore."

Oops for me.

Well, music freak that I am, there are a few RSD releases I'd like to get a hold of. But of course, RSD in the Big Apple is hardly a fun day. It's about as civil as a Red Cross food drop on Somalia.

There is always eBay, where I can purchase the few things I'm looking for at an 80% price gouge.

Aaaah...good times.

So, I know it's only one day after giving thanks and being grateful. And for you, Burning Wood family, I am grateful.

But Record Store Day can kiss my ass!

(Special thanks to Jayessemm and Oldrockr1)



A walk in the woods said...

Black Friday is an embarrasingly bad day, but I'm OK with Record Store Days... I never had to go through having and losing a record shop, but for me as a musical omnivore it is fun to at least see stores full a few days a year.

That being said, I'm contemplating whether to get out in Atlanta's RSD activities today... I do want to get a few things like the Nillson & Dylan rarities, but those should still be on hand by tomorrow I'm guessing.

Either way, I'll be a record store day 'til the last one is standing... as I am guessing many Burning Wooders will be too. Thank goodness there's a few of us left.

buzzbabyjesus said...

I bought cd's every week at your store until the end. My marriage fell apart at exactly the same time and I became broke. I haven't bought a thing since.
That old existence continued to unravel and my financial situation only got worse.
Fortunately the new life in development is a vast improvement and I have hope to someday become solvent again. In the meantime I download like a motherfucker. Record Store Day? Who gives a shit?

William Repsher said...

Sal, with your years of record retail experience, curious to hear your reaction towards this:

Sal Nunziato said...

William, I have mixed feelings about Rough Trade. I have stronger feelings about the smaller shops popping up like weeds in that same neighborhood.

At least Rough Trade is covering a lot of ground and hitting upon different avenues. They seem to know what they want and how to go about getting it, and if people choose to buy (usually inferior, at least to my ears) new vinyl at 20-25 dollars a pop, well...let them.

I'm more offended by the smaller shops. A friend and I hit a bunch of them last week. 20-something clerks who file Bonnie Raitt and Billy Preston in jazz, price original Rush records at $3 because Rush isn't hip (their loss) and slap $10-$25 on Jimi Hendrix & Beatles records in horrible condition just because he's Jimi Hendrix and they're The Beatles. No one seems to know what they're doing, how to stock or price. They sit in front of their laptops snd look up artists and prices. Why bother? Stay home. They make you long for the Jack Black character in "High Fidelity." At least he knew his music. This new breed open up record stores because it's the thing to do, like eating kale.

Best of luck to Rough Trade. They'll serve a purpose and will probably be around for some time. But these little mom and pops that I want so badly to support, are doomed. One is worse than the other.

ASWAN said...

I agree with you...Record Store Day was a great idea if it had been a one off or just once a year. But now, the labels re-re-re-package items making the general public think they are cooler than the originals (if the originals were even cool in the first place.) I like that some rare and novelty items do come out on these days, but trying to get them before the profiteers do is a major undertaking! I think they record stores should have a Warehouse Found Day when the labels let loose of already produced inventory they have stored away at great prices.

pattirules said...

sal i still have a store . theres not alot left but what are u looking for?

Anonymous said...

Most of the releases are way too over priced. I don't know about everyone else, but I think I think I'll pass on the $15 45's. The Dead releases the past couple of years have been pretty cool but I haven't shelled out the cash for too many others. That said I will troll the leftovers today as every Saturday morning is record store day for me.

Sal Nunziato said...

Looking for the Dylan-Side Tracks, Trigger Hippie, and Miles Kind Of Blue in mono...for what they're supposed to cost.

Anonymous said...

I am heading out soon. If they have any left I can grab them and let you know the price. I believe the Trigger Hippy is $12.99 and I am not sure about the rest.

Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks oldrockr1, but don't sweat it. I do appreciate the offer.

Anonymous said...

Nick Lowe's performing at Rough Trade next Sunday afternoon. It is free with the purchase of his Christmas album. I went opening day, bought the new Cate LeBon and Parquet Courts, they threw in a sampler CD and it was $27. Not
bargain pricing, but ok. The vinyl and the imported books were a bit high, compared to buying online