Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Best Of 2013: Readers Choices Part 2


Best/favorites of 2013, no order:

Barrence Whitfield And The Savages - Dig Thy Savage Soul
kicks ass!

Robbie Fulks - Gone Away Backward
alt-country wiseass, great songwriter

Dog Party - Lost Control
two punk-like teenage sisters, excellent tunes

John Paul Keith - Memphis 3AM

The Len Price 3 - Nobody Knows

The Sadies - Internal Sounds

Allen Toussaint - Songbook

Willis Earl Beal - Nobody Knows

Emiliana Torrini - Tookah
because I like the sound of her voice.

Terry Allen - Bottom Of The World
Texas eccentric

Phil Lee - The Fall & Further Decline of the Mighty King Of Love
good, witty roots rock songwriter on a bummer.

Swearin' - Surfing Strange

Andre Williams - Silky
released in 1998, but still the best album every year since then!


Favorite albums:
Bowie- The Next Day
Mavericks -In Time
Jason Isbell - Southeastern
Neko Case - (ridiculously long title)
QotSA- Like Clockwork
Frank Turner - Tape Deck Heart
Steve Earle - Low Highway
...I don't think I can come up with 10 this year...
2 Favorite singles:
High School Lover - Cayucas
Stoned and Starving - Parquet Floors
...I'm sure I'm forgetting something...looking forward to your listings to catch up on what I missed.


Shriner said...

"Nobody Knows" was one of those albums I wanted to like, but I think I wanted it to be as good as "Pictures" and it wasn't. I need to give it another spin.

Noam Sane said...

Here's all I have to add: my daughter has the One Direction CD on infinite repeat, and there's some nice guitar work and a couple of power-poppy tunes that aren't too awful...thank Jeebus she's listening to rock and roll rather than the dog crap that passes for commercial R&B these days.

...and, The Marty Stuart Show is the greatest TV program EVER. It's like if Hee Haw was nothing but Roy Clark and Buck Owens picking away. It makes Daryl's House look like the Doodlebops.

Here's a great stocking stuffer though:


buzzbabyjesus said...

My daughter hates New Direction, and commercial R&B, but loves "Pure McCartney".

Jerry Lee said...

I haven't heard "Pictures", but I'll be looking for it. I forgot about Valerie June, I played her a lot.