Wednesday, January 8, 2014

67 Years YOUNG!

This song belongs to Earl Slick as much as it does to today's birthday boy, David Bowie. Every version of this tune, since the first time I heard it in 1976 on "Station To Station," has become my favorite. The live version from the "Thin White Duke" tour? My favorite. The version from the "Stage" album with Adrian Belew on guitar? My favorite. Dinah Shore show? Favorite.

But this one, from 2000, this one is my favorite.


FD13NYC said...

This is a great version. All the versions are great! Love the song, love the album, love a lot of his albums. Love Bowie! Happy Birthday Mr. Jones!!

wardo said...

I too love every version of that song. Especially the 2000. Nice!

whattawino said...

Ouch!..This song is so Hot and Cool at the same time
that it puts me into a groove from the first note. HB to DB and kudos to his baaaad-assss band. Earl just kills it on this tune. Thanks, Sal.

Jeff Matthews said...

Great Slick riff indeed! He should've gotten songwriting credit for this.