Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Go Figure...I Love The New Mendicants

As you may or may not recall, I don't love Teenage Fanclub. I know I should, but I don't. I won't use this post to explain in detail just why, as it was all said on an earlier post. I would like to add that I saw the Pernice Brothers live on two separate occasions and they bored me both times. I listened to The Sadies some years ago and I don't have feelings either way.

So here come The New Mendicants, a band featuring Joe Pernice, Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub and Mike Belitsky of The Sadies and it is absolutely killing me.

Clocking in at just over 30 minutes, my favorite LP length, The New Mendicants deliver a beautiful record full of the jangle and hooks I seem to be missing when listening to TF.

(Okay, I'll say one thing.)

I recognize Teenage Fanclub's ability to write accessible pop hooks, but what I found on "Into The Lime" was something unique, a collection of songs where each one stood out from the other. With TF, it was too often I couldn't tell one song from the other.

I'm not here to bury TF, but to praise The New Mendicants.



I love it! Thanks.

A walk in the woods said...

Excellent! I hadn't even heard about this yet. I am a big TF fan, so this sounds mighty nice to me.

buzzbabyjesus said...

Not bad at all, but I confess I didn't listen to any of those songs all the way through. I listened carefully with headphones to 1:31 of the first one, 57 seconds of the next and 51 of the third.

kevin m said...

Thanks for the tip, Sal. I had no idea this even existed and I'm a TF fan.

Dave said...

This wasn't on my radar and I actually like all three songs (especially the second). Thanks for this, Sal.

aguycalledTak said...

I'm a TF fan. This is not bad at all.
Nice to hear a band who can SING in harmony! Thanks, Sal!