Monday, February 17, 2014

PLEASE: Take A Minute

I was hacked over the weekend. A first for me, as I've been a cocky Mac user since Day One and well...Mac users don't get hacked. (I guess that's not really true. Anyone could get hacked.)

It might have originated at Kickstarter, but it's hard to tell.

So far, it's been nothing more than an inconvenience. Password changes and a number of Twitter followers wanting to know why I sent them a link for Penis Enlargment Pills. Sad to think my followers couldn't recognize what was me and what wasn't me, especially when I've been a champion of the cream over the pills.

BUT...that's not why I'm here.

I've added something new on the right side of the home page.

"Vinyl & More."

I've always been on the fence about whether to solicit my goods on these pages. I never wanted to mix business with pleasure. But my business is nothing but pleasure, especially when business is good. And it's not like I'm hawking lawn furniture or...I don't know..penis enlargement pills.


There are three links.




My Discogs store is mostly vinyl, with a smattering of rare "live" CDs.

Amazon is again, mostly vinyl, but you will occasionally find CDs, DVDs and anything that isn't nailed down that I might get a buck for.

eBay is almost always vinyl. Rare, uncommon, interesting vinyl.

I would guess that there are still a few of us who like hard goods, so if that is you, click on the links and maybe you'll see something.


At the moment, I have not figured out why Discogs only shows one page of my inventory. But, until I do, click on any item and then click on my user name...OSCARMADISOY... and you'll have access to the rest of it.

Thanks for reading.

Bulk discounts for Burning Wood readers.


snakeboy said...

Having trouble finding your Discogs inventory. What are some artists you have listed?

Sal Nunziato said...


try this link.

steve simels said...

Just wanted to add -- you're sort of right about that Stones song on the downstairs thread.

Except that there ARE worse Stones songs from more or less the same period.

Can't think of a title off the top of my head, but trust me...

Sal Nunziato said...

I trust you but that one is the one that really makes me wanna smack Mick right in the nose.