Sunday, February 2, 2014

Songs Of The Week 4.0: 1/25-1/31

Matinee- The Posies
Walking On Air- King Crimson
Sugar Town- Nancy Sinatra
The Ghost Of Tom Joad- Pete Seeger & Bruce Springsteen
Drinkin'- Holly Williams
No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach Is In)- The T-Bones
Sea Of Heartbreak- The Hard Copies



J. Loslo said...

Thanks, Sal!

dogbreath said...

Had some issues with "service unavailable" messages for a long time while trying to download this SOTW, but all is good now & I'm a happy camper. Good choices throughout last week as usual (stop crawling - ed) & how can you go wrong with the delectable Nancy? (Answers on a postcard, please). Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Nancy Sinatra what a great song