Friday, February 28, 2014

The Weekend Mix, 2/28/14

King Crimson's "Fallen Angel" was sitting right between Brenda Lee and Mott The Hoople. It looked like a genius move. But on playback, I realized it wasn't, so King Crimson became today's Song Of The Day.

Also, I read recently that Billy Gibbons chose "Astral Projection Blues" as his favorite "guitar" song. Billy makes a good argument. This one is nasty.

Have a good weekend.



Unknown said...

Thanks, Sal. Still enjoying the ATP below; it really sets a mood.
BTW, have you heard the new Beck, "Morning Phase"? It's a beautiful record, and I've never been big on Beck. He really nailed it, though. It's like one review I read said, halfway through, you're already putting it on repeat.

Sal Nunziato said...


I've never been a Beck fan. Always thought he was a jack of all trades, master of none. But I went back recently amd gave "Sea Change" a spin, a record that left me cold upon its release and found that I really liked a lot of it. So now I feel primed for the new one, which I will try to hit this weekend.

dogbreath said...

Funnily enough had two Mott related talks this week with young persons: 1, how when I'd seen them in the 1970s (or could it have been the 1870s?) (Get on with it - ed) the show included marionettes descending on ropes from the ceiling during the song, er, "Marionette" and 2, how for me the "Crash Street Kids" would always be the Bash Street Kids which was a comic strip in the comic "Beano", the one Clapton is reading on the cover of that John Mayall album. Anyhooo, great sounding mix as you promised - thanks.Wishing you a very pleasant weekend. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I heard great things about the new Beck too. Sal have you heard "Last Night on Earth" the Lee Ranaldo and the Dust lp? It came out last October but I only listened to it yesterday. One song has a steel drum on it and another harpsichord (I think) plus its 1/2 Sonic Youth. Sounds weird but I think you may like it anyway


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sal

Nice mix. The drummer in the Pretenders earns his money on this song.