Friday, February 7, 2014

The Weekend Mix, 2/7/14

"It sounds good all together."

...except actually, I am unhappy with a small 12 minute stretch. It felt better in my head than on playback. But then, you might feel differently. Just thought I'd point that out. Hope I didn't "pre-ruin" it for you.



A walk in the woods said...

A song by Prince I don't know, some Kaleidoscope and Sailor, and a David Gilmour song I don't know ? I have a feelin' I'm gonna dig it!

Thanks as always for these mixes Sal.

dogbreath said...

It's probably only me (it usually is - ed) but I did like it when your comments on the Weekend Mixes ran a tad longer than "It all sounds good together". Didn't mind if this was a venting of ire or the eulogizing on a particular topic that had coalesced into that weekend's mix. So I'm glad to see the return of a few extra words today! But seriously, another great mix for my ears & I'm loving the Joe Jackson. I've been listening to his "Live at the BBC" & it's well worth giving it a spin. Many thanks & hope your weekend's a good 'un.

Sal Nunziato said...


I was wondering if the lack of commentary would either get old or if it just didn't matter as long as there was some music to grab.

There's no real excuse beyond it's harder to create a theme for a mix, compile it, and write about it. If I'm truly inspired, I'll do it. But lately, I've been lazy. I blame winter.

William Repsher said...

Every Christmas, instead of sending out cards, I send out a theme mix CD. More heft and work than a card, not as heavy as a present: I like the middle ground. But it's a lot of work! Compiling the mix (which is always great fun), doing the art work, burning the discs, assembling the discs, mailing ... it adds up!

I guess posting a mix online isn't as much work ... but I know how much work it takes in general. That's once a year ... once a week?!

Always appreciative of the mix and what goes into it, whether or not I download it on a given week. I used to do A LOT more mixes, back when CDs were the prevalent music form, and of course mix tapes before that (which was much, much work than CDs) ... but I don't think a good mix done by someone who knows his shit is ever going to go out of style.

buzzbabyjesus said...


Sal Nunziato said...



snakeboy said...

I'm thinking you don't like tracks 13-15. These comps are a little like radio from the sixties. I may not like it all, but it's always going to be interesting.

Sal Nunziato said...


12-14. Close.

Always loved "Taken In" as it reminded me of a lost McCartney tune. The Lindsey track was a fave from that album, but that album hasn't aged well. The Joe Jackson track came up on shuffle and it reminded me of how much I loved "Jumpin' Jive" when it came out. But that trifecta just didn't work for me on the mix.

As for 15, it is exactly how I wanted to end the mix.

If there are any Floyd/Gilmour fans out there, go give "On An Island" a new spin. Fantastic, thru and thru.

Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated,

Sal, if you like Ken Peplowski you might want to track down an album by Jessica Molaskey called Pentimento. Songs from the 1920 and 30's. Peplowski's playing is, well, what you'd expect from him.


cmealha said...

Is "Dance Around the Maypole" another Roy Wood production?

Sal Nunziato said...



Sal Nunziato said...


Ken Peps is an old friend of mine. I've got all I need from his repertoire. ;)

BUT...if you're a fan, I have something you might like. My band put together a benefit show for New Orleans right after Katrina and Ken and drummer Joe Ascione did two songs that absolutely killed.

Anonymous said...

The Easybeats what a great band.Thanks for the reminder of just how good these guys were.



buzzbabyjesus said...

12-14. I'd def have doubts about Mike, Lindsey, and Joe.