Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mental Health Day For Me, Birth Day For "Wicked Pickett"

I woke up this morning at 5:20, about 90 minutes or so before I wanted to. During that span of time, my mind was on overload. As I waited for the sun to rise, I covered the following:

•"I want to beeeeeee with yoooooou....in the NIGHT TIME!" I sang that line 48 consecutive times.

•Right before Vito Corleone gets shot, he tells Fredo, "Wait. I want to buy some fruit." He then points to a green pepper and buys one. One pepper. Who buys one pepper?

•I'd love to do a post on Kiss and why I love their first 6 records. About 4 people will care.

•Beatles or Stones? Beatles. Stones or The Who? The Who. Clapton or Page? Page. Clapton or Beck? Clapton.

Today is Wilson Pickett's birthday.


Jon said...

A post about Kiss' early records, for the four of you out there who care. Actually three, since I was one of the 4 I think. http://desertislandmixtape.blogspot.com/2014/02/the-hottest-band-in-land.html

Sal Nunziato said...

Nice post, Jon. 40 years and I just realized "Love Her All I Can" is "Open My Eyes."


"Beatles or Stones? Beatles. Stones or The Who? The Who. Clapton or Page? Page. Clapton or Beck? Clapton."

I want that T shirt!

peabody nobis said...

Maybe only four people would care about a Kiss post, but just think of all the snark it would expose you to!
True Story: I was a Kiss fanatic in the mid-seventies. I thought "Detroit Rock City" was the shizzle, so to speak. But then I moved on to Led Zep.
Once you discover Zeppelin, there's no going back.

Shriner said...

I will also care about a KISS post. I would go as far as "The Elder" (9 album run) as being great. Yes, I love "Dynasty" and "Unmasked" and 3 of the 4 solo albums.

Yes, I'm one of "those people"...

OldRockr1 said...

I bought one pepper last week.

Haven't cared about Kiss since 1977 but those early records were fun.

Beatles or Stones? Beatles.
Stones or The Who? Stones.
Clapton or Page? Clapton.
Clapton or Beck? Clapton.

I love these posts...gets people going.

Anonymous said...

Make that 5 people caring about Kiss. Being a Kiss fan is a rite of passage for any rock loving young male.
The Ace Frehley solo record is still a masterpiece.

A walk in the woods said...

Wilson Picket or KISS?

Sal, I think you should let fly with every post you would love to write but you think we won't like... included in that exhibit should be KISS and Thin Lizzy.

A walk in the woods said...

Note to anonymous above: holy heck, I just listened/previewed that Ace Frehley solo record (there's more than one, but we know which one you mean) for the first time and damn, yeah! It's pretty awesome! "What's On Your Mind?" is way more Todd Rundgren than metal.

Jeff in Denton TX said...

Aerosmith or Kiss? Kiss.

whattawino said...

Ah, The Strangeloves pre-dawn effect. Is that technically still the Nighttime?

JohnnyDiego said...

I've never knowingly heard a Kiss song in my life and I am goddamned proud of it but that pepper thing will have me awake all night.