Sunday, March 23, 2014

Songs Of The Week 4.0: 3/15-3/21

Bertha -Los Lobos
I've Got A Feeling- Billy Preston
Kisses In Vain- Cigar Store Indians
I Stay Away- Alice In Chains
All About You- The Rolling Stones
Secret World- Tears For Fears
Only When You're Lonely- The Grass Roots




I listened to more / thought more about KISS this week than maybe ever.

And now another excellent collection of Songs Of The Week.

Thanks Sal.

A walk in the woods said...

Looks awesome - thanks Sal!

dogbreath said...

I was liking this SOTW set when the Alice In Chains track popped up during the week. Anthemic & grungily singalong - or is that just me? (It's just you - ed). Many thanks & roll on another week!

Anonymous said...

Billy Preston what a great talent that never achieved the height that he deserved.

As usual an great share.