Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Your Wednesday Breather: Little Isidore & His Golden Inquisitors


From 1996, not 1946, here is Little Isidore with his Golden Inquisitors and a song that quite frankly knocked me out.

It is from a very out of print CD called "Inquisition Of Love," featuring 15 songs lovingly performed and produced in the style of such legendary rock and roll groups like The Platters, The 5 Royales, Dion & The Belmonts and the 4 Seasons.

I was hipped to this CD last week on a record buy in New Jersey. The proprietor asked if I had heard of Little Isidore. I hadn't. He said "Isidore was around for a while, disappeared for a while, but now is back."

 Check it out.

(h/t Chris in Long Branch)


Anonymous said...

Isidore is in reality, one David Forman who put out one hell of a debut LP in the mid 70's and then disappeared.


buzzbabyjesus said...

Without an explanation, this would have totally fooled me.

Dave said...

I think David Forman is an unlikely ringleader, but he is, indeed.

Good news, Sal. A live concert on April 14 that includes the Marcels and Kid Kyle:

I'm a little worried about the Chicklettes being part of it. Not sure I love the camp aspects of this, but the music is very cool.

I've got the David Forman album on vinyl -- not as enthusiastic about it as Dr.Mad.

cmealha said...

Gimme more!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, very cool. There's some Billy Eckstine in his voice. This released a lot of endorphins. Thanks.


Eric said...

great..another gem from u, like Hannibal..thanks

stivseed said...

I hear Jerry Butler and Lou Rawls, man, what a voice!

salhepatica said...

I'm only aware of this guy through two Christmas songs -- "Christmas of Love" on "The Grinch" movie soundtrack, and from a download-only Christmas compilation from Target circa 2009-10, a really seriously cool rocker called "Party Hard" that was also a Christmas song.