Friday, April 18, 2014

"The Experiment" : THE WEEKEND MIX


I've been wanting do this for years. Click play when you're ready and let her run.

Then, let me know what you think.  You'll get the idea.


Shriner said...

So, for me, I like to download your mixes and listen to them in the car or on a walk or something.

And a stream from a browser window plug-in doesn't tell me what's on the mix (though maybe that's part of your intention -- to get back to a surprise mix?)

But I'd miss the ability to check these out off-line and, as such, I'd probably skip these posts.


When you get to be my age ... you'll learn that we geezers are resistant to change!

Couple of quick thoughts:

1) Great mix -- thanks!

2) I liked listening to the mix not knowing what came next. I'm ashamed to say I must look at the list and prejudge. It was fun just listening.

3) That said, a track list would be nice even after the fact. My musical knowledge doesn't always match a mix's reality. Today I think I got them all (The Raspberries and The Hombres right?) but other times when your mix goes outside my comfort / knowledge zone I would like to know who did what.

Most of all if this is easy for you I'm all for it.

Well done and have a great weekend.

Sal Nunziato said...

A few things, for now...

1) This was not easier.

2) Yes, my intention was to create a mix as if the listener had tuned into his favorite DJ on his favorite radio station, not knowing just what would be in store.

3) It was not perfected, as this was an experiment, but the songs fade into each other, something I once loved when listening to the radio.

Anonymous said...

@Shriner, et al.

Click the divShare link and you can download from there.

As far as not knowing the artists in the mix, there's an app for that.

(I didn't get the Beth Orton although I think I remember hearing it on one of Sal's previous mixes.)

Oh, and the Beth Orton Song fits nicely with the follow-up song (trying not to give too much away). To me, there are some parallels between the two during the opening salvos, and strings throughout.

expat Ed

Anonymous said...

So start doing a radio show, might be the next logical step for you.

It's a gas for me to do one each week, I think you'd be great.

Allan R.

Kodak Ghost said...

Nice one. May you return refreshed.

William Repsher said...

Another good car-start song: Surf Machine by Spot 1019.

(I think you had to be enmeshed in the 80s indies music scene to even know about this song and band.)

I, too, like the cross-fade function that most audio playback programs have. Really enjoy putting a playlist on shuffle and feeling one song fade out and another fade in.

Mark Pollock said...

I like it!

A walk in the woods said...

Nice idea - and good to see you may be finding a way to make this work for you Sal.

Like Shriner, I have really enjoyed the easily downloadable version, with songs separated. (It appears the DL option here is as one big MP3)

I'm happy for any BW we can get though - and it is fun to hear it "like a radio station". The problem for me is I'm rarely sitting here at the PC for long and I don't have a way to amplify it throughout the house.

Hey Sal - on a side note - you are showing unusual restraint in not commenting on Record Store Day today. Hope it's not causing you too much grief, and maybe you are finding one overly-hyped item you would like to spend too much on :)

simonthecat said...

That was fun! Of course, any mix that starts with Mott has my attention, but some great stuff in here!

dogbreath said...

Because of Easter hols I'm a tad late in getting this new style mix, for which many thanks. Having to "jump in" blind is fine but uneducated zshlubs like me wouldn't object to a playlist still so we'd know to whom we're listening. Loving the fades though!