Friday, May 2, 2014

The Weekend Mix, 5/2/14

A collection of seemingly random choices, this hour of music actually began with four tunes:

1. Willin'- Little Feat

I don't know how all of you feel about Little Feat, but I think the band's first four records are as good as anything put to wax and "Sailin' Shoes" particularly really shines, especially "Willin'," a song revisited after appearing on the band's debut. I've listened to this song a dozen times in the last week and while it's always been a favortite, I've decided here and now, that it is one of the greatest songs ever written.

2. Bonneville- Little Barrie

No, my plan wasn't a mix featuring the word "little." I fell for "We Are Little Barrie," the London trio's 2005 debut, but hadn't paid much attention since. They recently released "Shadow," and the opening cut grooves very hard, setting the stage for what I had hoped would be a terrific return to form. It's an average record with some highlights, but none quite as exciting for me as "Bonneville."

3. 10,000 Years- The Honeydogs

This is a CD that I had passed from budget bin to budget bin during my retail days, never once paying it any mind. Last year, our pal John Dunbar offered his Top 10 list of 2013 and a band called "And The Professors" stood out of the pack. He then mentioned that if I loved that record I should check out The Honeydogs "10,000 Years." I did and he was right. A beautiful collection of finely crafted baroque pop, with the title cut standing out.

4. Nothing Lasts- Steve Miller

From Miller's post-classic, criminally underrated pre-superstar release, "Recall The Beginning," here's "Nothing Lasts," a psychefolkedelibluesapop tune and another one that's been on heavy rotation.

So it was this quartet of songs that started the heartbeat for this Weekend Mix. The rest of the tunes, like Del Amitri's power pop masterpiece, the Bob Dylan/George Harrison lost duet on "Yesterday," and Bonnie Raitt's gorgeous "Two Lives" came along and felt like nice inclusions.

"I'm Moving On," the country classic is something I've been singing to myself for a month now, so I had to get it out of my system.

Don't dismiss Cheryl Lynn disco classic. This band cooks, especially on the break.

And the rest is the rest and I think it sounds good all together.



Gene Oberto said...

Thanks for confirming the absolute passion I have for the Feats. I have seen them live in every setting and line up, and was honored to have witnessed Richie perform his last (or close to) performance with the band. Great writing, super performing, legendary members and such a cool vibe makes it easy for me to be slack-jawed in awe.

The first five Steve Miller Band albums were wonderful salutes to an era when you could play anything and not be pigeon holed. Blues, jazz, rock and psychedelia all done masterfully. Now, he seems to have settled into a bluesman from South Oregon, but, man,he can still play.

A walk in the woods said...

I'm not sure a better song has ever been written than "Willin'" - seriously.

Thanks for this - the whole mix looks great. Surprised I haven't seen more Steve Miller in your mixes - always like him. Looking forward to hearing.

buzzbabyjesus said...

I like the first three Little Feats, but "Sailin' Shoes" is by far the best. I was introduced to the band in 1972 when I bought "Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies", a three record set selling for $3 as a mail order from Warner's "loss leader" series. It contained "Strawberry Flats" from their debut, which I couldn't find in the local department store. But they had "Sailin' Shoes" so I bought it and was knocked out. I couldn't get any of my friends to listen so it was a private favorite. I've been through 3 vinyl copies, and have the cd. "Cold, Cold, Cold" has the best drum sound ever, and kills me every time. I've come to really love the trip taken in "The Texas Rose Cafe". It encapsulates everything LA at the time. It's got folk rock CSNY harmonies (Easy To Slip" with a twist of Mother Of Invention sensibility "A Apolitical Blues". And "Willin'" is one of the greatest songs ever written. I've performed it on stage many times. "Feats Don't Fail Me Now" ranks up there with my least favorite followups. Others include Television's "Adventure", Cheap Trick's "In Color", The Clash's "Give'em Enough Rope", Roxy Music's "Manifesto", and pretty much everything Radiohead has done since "OK Computer".

Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated,

A big amen to your categorization of "Willin'" as a truly great tune. It's one of those songs where almost every version you hear, pro or amateur,sounds great. Although probably not in the same class as BBJ, I've strummed the song in various get-togethers and the tune basically plays itself.

My own favorite version is from Waiting For Columbus.


buzzbabyjesus said...

I dunno Rich D. You haven't heard me "sing". One of the reasons we chose it was because it was easy. I'm sure you're in the ballpark.

buzzbabyjesus said...

Here's a great tune by the Fraternity of man. Featuring Richie on drums before he joined Little Feat.

Noam Sane said...

Thanks for the mix Sal! I just sang "Movin' On" at a gig last night, the Roseanne Cash arrangement with the "Beat Goes On" style bassline.

I love the Rolling Thunder Revue version too. A very malleable tune.

Anonymous said...

I was introduced to "Willin'" by the first Seatrain album, which also has the definitive version of "Orange Blossom Special" (Richard Greene on fiddle).

Vintage Spins said...

Of course, I'm not surprised that you'd have the courage of your convictions and enough confidence in your musical taste to post a disco song, Sal. Disco may often deserve the bad rap it gets, but I believe there are some gems there (especially for anybody who likes to dance!)

A few days ago, I threatened to post the TOP 10 DISCO SINGLES YOU LOVE TO HATE (OR HATE TO LOVE) and polled my readers. All three of them implied that I should bring ‘em on, so we’ll see what happens. Thanks for introducing me to the Cheryl Lynn track.


dogbreath said...

A good looking mix to be sure. Highlights for me also include Willin' (although I love Linda Ronstadt's cover version) and the Honeydogs baroque pop indeed (baroque & roll perhaps?) plus Squeeze and the Doobies. Shucks, I could go on & on (please don't - ed). Many thanks for yet another generous earful. Cheers!