Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday's PSA: Ian Hunter Edition

Ian Hunter will be 75 years old this year. I've seen him perform live over a dozen times in the last dozen years and after each performance I thought, this is the best show I will see all year. The man looks and sounds the same as he did when he was 35 and his music, most recently the consistently brilliant release "When I'm President" remains relevant. I will be attending his big birthday bash on June 3rd, which promises "special guests." I'm wishing, of course, for members of Mott The Hoople. But surely, since I'm attending, it will most likely be Tommy Morrongiello. (That'd still be a hoot, if you're reading Tommy.)

I stumbled across this early this morning:

A live memento of Mott's second reunion from last year. It is a dream set list and if you act now, Amazon's Marketplace Sellers have the 2 CD/1 DVD set for $25. I thought I'd pass this along for all you Mott fans that may have missed this.


Anonymous said...

just ordered it,,,
Thanks for the tip.....


Anonymous said...

Is that Martin Chambers on drums?

Allan R.

Sal Nunziato said...

It is. Buffin is suffering with Alzheimer's

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Didn't know Ian was that old. Good for him! Saw Mott The Hoople twice back in the '70s; once opening for ELP, And once opening for Ten Years After. Saw Ian's band a couple of times in the 80's too.