Monday, June 23, 2014

Mabon "Teenie" Hodges: 1946-2014

The Hi-Rhythm Section, along with The Motown Sound and Phil Spector's Wall Of Sound are three of the most distinctive sounds in music history. From the opening seconds of any one of the countless hits from these legendary musicians, you knew what you were listening to and whence it came. There is no doubt in my mind that producer Willie Mitchell's resume would not have been as stellar without the great "Teenie" Hodges on guitar.

"Teenie" Hodges wrote some songs, too. Along with Al Green, Hodges penned many hits for Green as well as  Hi Label artist Ann Peebles, including the two below and the Song Of The Day.

He was only 68.


Anonymous said...

Sad news. Great post.
What is that movie poster?
Is that a real film?
A must see if so...


charlie c. said...

Nice stuff! Happened on an app for the Windows phone to convert YouTube vids to mp3 files . . . so far: Todd & Teenie!

A walk in the woods said...

Aw man, I hadn't heard that yet. I took my family to Memphis this year for our Spring Break trip and it was sublime... we visited the Stax Museum (though not Hi Records) and they had plenty about Al and the Stax sound - probably had info about Teenie, even.

Keystones to American music, all.

dogbreath said...

Now, see, this is where my education is sadly lacking. I love Al Green's stuff but failed to go deeper to appreciate those playing behind him like the late Mr Hodges. So many thanks for the insight & I'm staying behind after school in detention. Again!