Monday, June 16, 2014

The New NRBQ: Brass Tacks. You Need It!

"I'm going to have a band that doesn't have fines for not wearing boots and doesn't have to play certain songs to please audiences, and can play any song it wants, whenever it wants, regardless of what that style is."

-Terry Adams

And so it goes, almost 50 years later, NRBQ, regardless of who happens to be behind leader Terry Adams, is still true to Adams' word and I for one, am grateful.

It seems like twice a year I write a post with the same sentiment.

"There is no band like NRBQ. "

And twice a year...I wish it could be twice a week...I'll see NRBQ perform and leave thinking, "This was the best show I have ever seen. Period." Until the next Q show and then that becomes the best I have ever seen.

I know there are some long time diehards who cannot get behind Terry & The Boys with the same enthusiasm they once did when The Q featured Big Al, Joey and Tommy. I am not one of them. The current lineup which features Scott Ligon on guitar, Casey McDonough on bass and Conrad Couchron on drums is every bit of everything NRBQ has been since its inception.

Tomorrow, "Brass Tacks,' the Q's 21st studio album hits and like most of NRBQ's studio releases, it doesn't stray far from the formula which has made this band like no other: brave songs filled with stellar musicianship, melody, harmony, love, humor and guts. The band is fearless, whether playing the sweet, unironic pop of "Sit In My Lap" or the beautiful Sun Ra-inspired "Places Far Away," NRBQ hits all the right buttons. There is something for everyone, always.

Go get "Brass Tacks!"


buzzbabyjesus said...

Viva La "Q"!


Five songs from the album are streaming at popmastters:

A walk in the woods said...

The Q needs to play a show in the dang South again!! Love that band.

Noam Sane said...

I was just saying to a friend, this version of the band is 100% up to snuff.

I miss hearing Terry sing, but hey, what can you do.

And that Goffin/King tune was ripe for this kind of interpretation, it's a great little ditty and what a freakin' groove these guys set it in.

Sal, have you also investigated Spampinato Bros records? Also good stuff.

Sal Nunziato said...


You know I have no Spampinato Bros. records. I had a few live shows I found online that I thought were great, I guess I should look into the studio stuff, too.

Ken D said...

My copy arrived yesterday. Well worth it.
Thanks for reminding me "I need It!"