Friday, June 13, 2014

The Weekend Mix, 6//13/14

Jason Ankeny on AMG:

The fourth volume in the legally dubious but musically rock-solid Soul Cargo series digs much deeper into the crates than its predecessors -- the sheer volume of obscure soul singles here is astounding, and better still, is matched by the music's consistency and quality. The clear highlight is the Jewels' "Opportunity," a slinky, swaggering classic that's arguably the most sublimely soulful girl group record ever cut -- there's also the Bob & Earl perennial "Harlem Shuffle" (later covered by the Rolling Stones), and "Experiment in Terror!," a rare soul instrumental by the great Henry Mancini. But by and large, this stuff is rare and almost totally unknown -- other highlights include Clay Hammond's "Dance Little Girl," Alvin Cash's "Alvin's Boogaloo," and Donald Austin's "Pea Shooter." Unfortunately, as a result of the non-existent liner notes, there's no information on who these guys are, where their music originates, or if there's anything else to track down. Add to the equation its muffled audio, and Soul Cargo, Vol. 4 is a good compilation that, in different hands, could have been truly great -- still, for hardcore aficionados of rare grooves, it's hard to pass up. 

I have had this compilation for years and only just remembered so, as I had been looking for the Bobby Marchan track. I gave it a spin and it was just too good to keep to myself. It's rare when I post full CDs like this, but as Jason Ankeny points out, it's dubious origins made me feel okay about it.


Two In The Morning- Spooners Crowd
Must I Holler- Thomas Jano
Pigny- Billy Larkin
Pea Shooter- Donald Austin
Dance Little Girl- Clay Hammond
Follow The Leader- Willy Terry
Help Me- Ray Sharpe
I Want You To Have Everything- Lee Rogers
Comin' Home Baby- Mel Torme
Lenny Goofed- The Naturals
Moscow Twist- Lionel Torrence
Opportunity- The Jewels
Harlem Shuffle- Bob & Earl
Experiment In Terror- Henry Mancini
Hank's Groove- Hank Jacobs
Stand By Me- Spyder Turner
Alvin's Boogaloo- Alvin Cash
Ain't No Reason For Girls- Bobby Marchan
Soul Samba- Davy Jones
Billy's Bag- Billy Preston

Get it while it's hot!



Ken D said...

Will definitely give it a listen. Thanks!
(But how did Mel Torme sneak in there?)

Sal Nunziato said...

Smart programming, Ken D.

dogbreath said...

Well, when it says it's "legally dubious", "obscure", "could have been great" plus factor in "muffled audio" -- how could I resist?! Another fine addition to the canon of works which are the Weekend Mixes! May your weekend be a good one. Many thanks....

Ken D said...

Or maybe "the Velvet Fog sneaks in on little cat feet".

ag said...

Outstanding collection! Thanks for sharing, Sal.


"legally dubious but musically rock-solid" I want that tshirt!

Thanks for sharing this one Sal.

A walk in the woods said...

This looks great! DLing now, looking forward to hearing. Thanks Sal!

Chris Collins said...

this is great! thanks!