Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2-Pak? Fer Sure!: Holiday Weekend Mixes

I've been enjoying "Raising Sand,"  2007's collaboration from Robert Plant and Alison Krauss so much these past few days, I decided to create a mix of the original versions of the songs covered.

That's it, really.


Rich Woman- Lil Millet & His Creoles
Killing The Blues- Rowland Salley
Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us- Sam Phillips
Polly- Dillard & Clark
Gone, Gone, Gone- The Everly Bros.
Through The Morning, Through The Night- Dillard & Clark
Please Read The Letter- Page & Plant
Trampled Rose- Tom Waits
Fortune Teller- Benny Spellman
Stick With Me Baby- The Everly Bros.
Nothin'- Townes Van Zandt
Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson- Little Milton
Your Long Journey- Doc Watson and Rosa Lee Watson


And then of course, no surprise, 79 minutes of your favorite underrated gems, as chosen by you...and me.

Apologies to those whose choices did not make the cut.  Maybe Part 2.


Human- The Pretenders
Unlonely- John Prine
Alone In A Room- Marshall Crenshaw
Through The Lonely Nights-Rolling Stones
It's Up To You- Moody Blues
Save The Last Dance For Me- Nilsson
The Inner Light- The Beatles
Picking Up The Pieces- Difford & Tilbrook
Good To Me- Otis Redding
Matamoros Banks- Bruce Springsteen
Tell Me- Bob Dylan
Power Failure- Procol Harum
Did You No Wrong- Sex Pistols
Weakness- Todd Rundgren
The Same About You- Bill Cowsill
Idol- Elton John
When I Turn Off The Living Room Light- The Kinks
The Land Torments The Sea- Finn Bros.
Slow Burn- David Bowie
Black Muddy River- Grateful Dead


Have a long, safe weekend.

See ya sooner than later.


whattawino said...

Wow! Once, Twice, Fee Times a Matey...or whatever kind of Freedom Rock this holiday treat inspires. Thanks for a safe slide into 4th! Enjoy yourself too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the underrated collection.
I was about to track down all the recommended tunes...

Now it will be a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Great ideas for both!!!!!!!
Bless you Sal!!

A walk in the woods said...

Looks awesome, double-time! Thanks Sal!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding lists, Sal...thanks so much and have a great holiday!



As I said recently about the Robert Plant / Alison Krauss. "Great minds ... and fools ..."

The "crowd sourced" mix is cool too. My question -- did you ever figure out which song it was that you couldn't remember and prompted the original post?

A great holiday weekend to all!

Sal Nunziato said...

Jayessemm...the answer is NO! Was driving me crazy but I'm over it. I just can't remember.

cmealha said...

Weakness?! Now you're just mocking me.

tinpot said...

Thank you, Sal! Will DL both of these. They look great.
Rowland Salley? never heard of him; I always thought 'Killing the Blues' was a Chris Smither song. Ya learn something every day. Trouble is, I forget at least 2 things every day. So it goes.

Sal Nunziato said...

cmealha..."Weakness" is a killer lyrically. It's got the emotion of early blues tracks like "#1 Lowest Common Denominator" and "Black Maria" and a classic sweet Todd melody on the chorus. NO. I am not mocking you. One of my very fave Rundgren tunes.

Sal Nunziato said...


FYI -Roly Salley has played in Chris Isaak's band Silvertone from the start.

Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated,

Like others, I look forward to downloading this stuff tonight - grazie mille to our host.

Was aware that he played with Chris Isaak and that he wrote "Killing the Blues", but I've never heard Mr. Salley's version. Became familiar with the tune from John Prine's 1979 Pink Cadillac album (have I ever mentioned how much I love John Prine? - I'm tickled that one of my true musical heroes has made the list with Unlonely).


cmealha said...

Says you.

J. Loslo said...

Re: Raising Sand, I have this very playlist on my iPod. I called it "Pounding Sand," because I'm uncouth, and because "Original Versions of All the Songs on Raising Sand" was a bit unwieldy.

I've been listening to The Dead for forty years & somehow I first heard "Black Muddy River" just three or four years ago. Love it. The Persuasions do a beautiful cover.

Anonymous said...

Mr Sal

A great double bill not a bad track amongst them.



neal t said...


usually just read your site but this real sand zip a great idea and then to of changed album names to a common title make it easy to add to one's collection makes it solo easy thnx again love blog

cmealha said...

Thanks for the Todd. Great song. Great version.

charlie c. said...

"Lost in the Shuffle" - Danny Kortchmar? For volume three?

charlie c. said...

Funny thing though - I listened to Raising Sand this weekend, thinking about the originals . . . so this is a good thing. I must have played Please Read the Letter three times through. Can't wait to hear it . . .