Sunday, July 13, 2014

Songs Of The Week 5.0: 6/28- 7/11

Across 110th Street- Bobby Womack
Lonely Teardrops- Blue Oyster Cult
I'm Only Sleeping- The Beatles
Lately I've Let Things Slide- Nick Lowe
Bad Girl Pt. 1- Lee Moses
Somebody To Love- Dwight Twilley
People Got To Be Free- The Rascals
It's All Over Now- Dirty Dozen Brass Band & Dr. John
Hold Me Tight- The Treasures
I See You- Adrian Belew
Quite Rightly So- Procol Harum
Careless Heart- Roy Orbison
Sick of Myself- Matthew Sweet
Drive All Night- Bruce Springsteen



Anonymous said...

Hello, please remains seated,

Looks like a very nice set. I must admit...the charms of Dr. John have eluded me over the years. But this version of All Over Now with the DDBB is killer.

Oh, and...Lately I've Let Things Slide is one of my favorite Nick Lowe songs. Can he write them or what?



A walk in the woods said...

Nice looking bunch of songs - thanks Sal!

Anonymous said...

What a great Procal Harum song, never heard this before.



dogbreath said...

As per my previous post, I turn my back for two weeks & there's that tune again - It's All Over Now! What a great joy your blog has been to me: the comments, the rants, and the sensible stuff too, especially the music. I will miss it all. Goodbye & thanks for all the fish?