Friday, September 12, 2014

A Muscle Shoals Inspired "WEEKEND MIX"

A revelation for me during the Muscle Shoals documentary was a reminder of Roger Hawkins and David Hood's participation on Traffic's "Shoot Out At Fantasy Factory" LP. Although, truth be told, I'm not sure I ever knew that information, as "Shoot Out" isn't my usual go-to Traffic record. But I did go to it yesterday for the first time in ages and was pleasantly surprised by how solid it is, hence today's "Song Of The Day."

The film also inspired the Weekend Mix.

This collection of tunes has only a smattering of Muscle Shoals productions, but you'll get the idea...I hope.

I'd like to give a shout out to my old band, the Cool Jerks. Without these guys, I might not have ever discovered Gorgeous George, Ironing Board Sam, Lou Courtney, Big John Hamilton, Cal Wayman, Jimmy Lewis and The Mighty Hannibal, all of whom are represented here with some of my favorite soul singles of all time.

One more bit of tid from the movie:

There's a scene where Aretha is brought into Fame Studios after being dropped by Columbia Records. She sits at the piano and begins to play "I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)" for the band and Rick Hall, the producer. I can't recall the exact quotes, but more than one person referred to it as crap. Keyboardist Spooner Oldham thinks about it, starts playing the same thing with a slightly different feel and the rest his history...according to the movie.

Included on the mix, is a demo of "I Never Loved A Man." I assume it's that same demo which was referred to as crap. Man! It is NOT crap.

Hope ya dig it.



soundsource said...

great mx and a special cool jerk tip of the beanie to mr. esoterica himself Dr. Steven Feldman.

Ken D said...

Uh oh... all seven names mentioned in the fourth paragraph are unknown to me. Guess I'm going to learn something this weekend!

iggy said...

One of your very best efforts, my friend. Thanks so much!



Great mix Sal -- thanks!

I really liked the movie too. If I was a neurologist I'm sure I could offer a more compelling case for the power of music in films -- obviously our brains process music in a different way / different part of the brain. Whatever, good music can make a movie stay with you way beyond one without.

In my next life I'll figure that stuff out; for the moment I'll enjoy this mix and remember the Muscle Shoals movie fondly.

Anonymous said...


You have done it again what a eclectic mix of tunes. This will keep me going for a while



Leslie Dutcher said...

I really enjoyed the mix. I was sad when the hour was done! I'm sure it will be one I come back to again and again. Thanks Sal!

A walk in the woods said...

Yeah, that Muscle Shoals movie was great - only hard part was, man, what a rough life Rick Hall had along the way. A lot of pain behind those eyes - I had no idea.

But the music, so good. And this mix looks mighty fine. Thanks Sal!

buzzbabyjesus said...

So nice to be burning wood again.

dogbreath said...

Back from a weekend hiatus, don't know most of these artists but will muscle in on the download (see what I did there?) and plan to find out. Many thanks as usual.