Friday, September 19, 2014

A Wilbury Twist: THE WEEKEND MIX

Since the recent release of "Hypnotic Eye," the very fine new record from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, I've been free fallin' into Petty's back catalogue. (see what I did there.)

I revisited both the underrated "Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)" and his very solid solo effort "Highway Companion," which I had forgotten about. My thought was to compile a mix of some of TP's deeper tracks, but thought, if you don't like Petty than The Weekend Mix would be a wash.

But since I had also been listening to some 80's Dylan after reading the excellent two-part article in Uncut magazine about his God years, as well as my always rotating Idle Race>The Move>ELO>Jeff Lynne LPs, I opted for a twist on the Traveling Wilburys.

So here you have it.

I stayed light on the Dylan God years, in case you hadn't read the articles. (Great reads, by the way, and it just might make you hear those often trashed LPs differently. They are better than most think.) But I did compile some of my faves and did try to keep the cuts deep.


Hurt- TP & the HB
Don't Let Me Wait Too Long- GH
George Jackson- BD
One Day- JL
California Blue- Roy
Far East Man- GH
Forecast- JL
Abandoned Love- BD
Think About Me- TP & the HB
Save Me Now-JL
Watered-Down Love- BD
A Love So Beautiful- Roy
Flirting With Time- TP & the HB
Beautiful Girl- GH
Don't Fade On Me- TP & the HB
Life Fades Away- Roy
Brainwashed- GH



buzzbabyjesus said...

This looks like a lot of fun.

Troy said...

Nice mix, Sal. Thanks. Love Flirting with Time by TP. Have a good weekend.

William Repsher said...

Is that "Beautiful Girl" from the ABKCO demos or the officially released version? Those demos should come out officially as an album unto themselves (or would have made a nice bonus disc with an All Things Must Pass reissue)?

I like that mid-late 80's Orbison period where all the current rock stars did songs for him, a few of which you have here. Life Fades Away is a great track ... and isn't it written by Danzig? That shocked me at the time.

New TP album isn't killing me -- it sounds right, but I'm not hearing major songs the way I used to with him. Filed into my "solid effort from a veteran" category.

A walk in the woods said...

Nice idea for a mix, Sal... I'm fans of all these guys. :) And you reminded me, I need to check out "Hypnotic Eye."

On an unrelated note: you recommended that we check out the new NRBQ album recently (Brass Tacks) and I got it a couple days ago and am LOVIN' it.

iggy said...

Thanks so much, Sal. Look forward to enjoy this set. Have fun at the record show.



Excellent mix Sal -- thanks. We're all Wilburys at heart.

And the Song Of The Day is killer!

Have a great weekend.

cmealha said...


dogbreath said...

Many thanks for the mix: nice choices. Tickles me that the other boys in the band get only their initials whereas the Big O is "Roy", presumably because if you put "RO" you might as well add the "Y" (I know: I shouldn't stop taking the medication). Anyway, it does exactly what it says on the lid: Wilburys with a twist. May your weekend be a good one.

Chris Collins said...

Oh this makes me happy

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sal

I struggle with Tom Petty, I know I should be more patient but he just seems a bit light on. The mix is great.



Kodak Ghost said...

Only just caught up that you were back. Great stuff, always enjoyable. And a great Wilbury mix.. I'll have to back and listen to the albums again.

Anonymous said...

Looks Great!
Another recent Wilbury twist mix can be found on the Garden of Earthly delights blog. It's a blast too!