Wednesday, September 24, 2014

One More From the Concert For George

There are few lowlights in the "Concert For George," the massive, moving tribute concert film for George Harrison. Here's one of my personal faves, a terrific take on an underrated Beatles tune, if there is such a thing, featuring Jeff Lynne and Anoushkar Shankar, aka Norah Jones sister- George Harrison's "The Inner Light."

If you haven't seen this film, you must.

If you have, can you suggest a better film of its kind?


whattawino said...

I am dazed by the brilliance of this performance and the performers. Just perfect. You got me floating....

Anonymous said...

Wonderful except I feel Jeff Lynne is the weak link in the performance.

Allan R. (Capt. Al)

Anonymous said...

I watched the entire concert last night.
I forgot how moving and remarkable the show was.
Thanks for the reminder.
Now you'll make me go and buy the Apple Years box set. I'll let you know if you deserve thanks for that later.

Jeff Lynne the weak link?
I thought he nailed it.

charlie c. said...

I just added it to my NetFlix queue . . ."very long wait"
Thanks. (in advance)

Anonymous said...

Welll, one word for this , astonishing ( don't know if i wrote this correct )