Thursday, October 23, 2014

Chuck Prophet's Winning Streak

"Night Surfer" was released a few weeks ago. It is yet another fantastic release from Chuck Prophet.

I will keep the hyperbole to a minimum, but I must say this. Prophet's solo output has been one of the most consistent in rock and roll. I know many will go as far back as 1990's "Brother Aldo," but for me, the year 2000 and its accompanying release "The Hurting Business," began a 15 year stretch of one breathtaking...yes, BREATHTAKING...release after another.

"Night Surfer" continues this tradition.

Chuck Prophet can sure spin a yarn. He can write a hook. He can play guitar. 

2012's "Temple Beautiful" was all about San Francisco and it was a fave of that year. "Night Surfer" feels very autobiographical. I was moved. It thrilled me both musically and lyrically. I cannot recommend Chuck Prophet enough.

Ok, I'm finished.


buzzbabyjesus said...

I love "Night Surfer". He's the real deal. He can play, sing and turn a phrase. I like the nearly glam arrangement of "Wish Me Luck".

whattawino said...

This new Chuck rekkid is just slaying me. I couldn't agree more with your comments, Sal. He's really got such an identifiable sound too. He's able to easily pull this off live every show I've seen and his band is absolutely killer. When people ask me what I'm diggin'
lately, I always say Chuck Prophet....and have been doing so for quite a few years now. This guy writes, sings and plays guitar like he's breathing and yes, the result IS breathtaking! Surf on, brother.

Les said...

I have a friend that has a birthday in November. Every year, I buy him music. For the past few years, I've picked something I've read about on your blog. He always comments about what excellent taste I have. Pretty sure this is what I'll be sending him this year.

cmealha said...

Three winners. On my must listen to list.

Alan said...

Wait, Sal. I'm trying to understand. Do you like this guy? Is that what you're tying to say? (Heehee. Thanks, as always.)