Friday, October 3, 2014

The Weekend Mix, 10/3/14

You will notice Todd Rundgren does not appear on this mix, nor will he appear on any mixes in the foreseeable future. If there is any Todd Rundgren news or music, I will quietly step away from the computer. Your voices have been heard and I can take it like a man.

Some notes:

A recent revisit with Joe Jackson's "Look Sharp" made me realize just how strong that debut is and how what I always felt was a throwaway, "(Do The) Instant Mash," is not.

Tommy Keene's covers collection from last year, "Excitement At Your Feet" came and went. It seems like Tommy Keene records always just come and go and that's a shame. This covers set was big, staying away from the obvious and giving everything an exciting punch. Here he tackles the Bee Gees "Odessa" track, "I Laugh In Your Face."

The Judee Sill track may seem out of place but it got here because I was originally using an XTC track, which made me think of Andy Partridge and how he once cited The Kinks' "Autumn Almanac," The Honeybus' "I Can't Let Maggie Go" and "The Kiss" by Judee Sill as his favorite songs of all time. I think it was actually "songs he wishes he wrote." Well, here is "The Kiss." It leaves me weak.

Th Costello track is one of the demos written for Wendy James of Transvision Vamp and it rocks.

Nick Curran's Stooges cover is a small piece of genius.

And oops...I just realized as I was finishing up here, The Pursuit Of Happiness track was produced by Todd Rundgren, but maybe you'll enjoy it anyway.

I like this mix.



Anonymous said...

Fair enough and I'm not much of a fan, but if you can find an mp3 of him doing "Slut" would you make an exception....I was telling some folks about it the other day--they were skeptical--and am having a hard time finding a good version...

Jeff Matthews said...

I refuse to no longer make BW contributions unless you cease to decline to post any further boycotting of references to giving in to the anti-Todd unbelievers.

buzzbabyjesus said...

Write about whatever you want. I read about Todd with interest. I keep hoping I'll hear something I love besides "Couldn't I Just Tell You", and "Open My Eyes". The fact that he pulled Skylarking out of XTC forever qualifies him for respect.

Christine said...

What's this nonsense now? You turned me into a Todd lover-don't let me down! One of the most soulful singers, remember? I did get the joke, by the way. Gotta love the harmony in that video! (And I'm pretty sure I wore a similar costume in one of my dance recitals-so what's wrong with that?)

Barry Eisenberg said...

Nice mix -- very power-poppy. Which. despite the mass opinion, is a good thing. (Whoa, FYC's "Good Thing" just popped into my head!)

dogbreath said...

Very much looking forward to listening to this mix when I drive home tonight - torrential rain & flash floods permitting - a fan of the tracks I know & in anticipation of those I don't. Saw the mention of the Honeybus tune before I realised it wasn't in the mix - never mind - and now got "She makes me laugh. She makes me cry. She flies like a bird in the sky..." stuck in what passes for my brain. And I didn't even mention Mr Rundgren. Oh drat!

cmealha said...

No Todd?


Great mix Sal -- thanks!

And please never let us from the cheap seats colour your creative choices. If you want to play Todd please do.

Okay I admit that with the exception of Something / Anything and the very groovy shows he did Live From Daryl's House all of "my" Todd songs came from Burning Wood. And I thank you for them!

As always ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sal

Patti Smith song is great and the ELO tune is a classic

Nice mix