Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Love That Bob? Make Room For Zimmy?

Just when I finally come around to Dylan's Christian period. I find out he had a "slapstick period." According to Rolling Stone magazine, "Producer and writer Larry Charles has revealed that he and Bob Dylan conceived a surrealist comedy series for HBO in the Nineties that never came to fruition. "He'd gotten deeply into Jerry Lewis, and he wanted to make a slapstick comedy," the TV vet said. Moreover, Charles revealed that "he wanted to star in it, almost like a Buster Keaton or something."

You can read all about it here.

I find this hard to believe, just like most of Volume One of Dylan's memoirs, but boy, the possibilities are endless.

And then there's this


M_Sharp said...

That's a fascinating story, but I just can't see Bob doing pratfalls.

William Repsher said...

Dylan was pretty funny in his wise-ass stage circa 1965-66. The put-on interviews he gave and even some of his song lyrics make for some very good cosmic/absurdist asides. So why not slapstick? I've heard more than a few rock stars say that Dylan is one of the funniest people they've ever met, which I'd probably take as acerbic/acid wit, but the guy clearly has a strong sense of humor, even if it's not his overall image.

Gene Oberto said...

Three things:

In the last few days, Bob has revealed a lot about himself. The Super Session with the Beatles and the Stones...why not? He plays with a lot of different musicians, seems to like it a lot. Now, an HBO comedy. Count me in.

Second: whether she can play drums is superseded by the fact she's playing with Dylan and a pretty hot band.

Jenna Elfman always has a way with t-shirts.

A walk in the woods said...

Cool! I think Bob has a great wit. He's learned from decades in the spotlight how to be fast on his feet. Of course he had that at a young age too, so maybe he was just born with it.