Friday, November 7, 2014

Shameless & Sneaky Self-Promoting Weekend Mix- 11/7/14

I will be in Wayne, New Jersey on Saturday, 11/8 from 10AM -4PM with records and CDs for sale. But as always, along with the great desire to sell, lives that burning desire to add to my collection.  This Weekend Mix features a dozen tunes, one each from records that are on my Want List.

So while you enjoy the music, keep in my mind I am willing to buy or barter, if anyone has the following LPs.


Rip It Out- Ace Frehley
(Kiss-Ace Frehley, 1978 Casablanca LP with poster)

(Hole- Celebrity Skin, original or reissue)

Stranger Than Fiction- Joe Jackson
(Joe Jackson- Laughter & Lust)

Two Gunslingers- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
(Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers- Into The Great Wide Open, US or Euro.)

Marwa Blues- George Harrison
(George Harrison- Brainwashed)

Porch Swing In Tupelo- Elton John
(Elton John-Peachtree Road)

Alphaville- Bryan Ferry
(Bryan Ferry- Olympia)

I Got Lost When I Found You- Ron Wood
(Ron Wood- Now Look)

Tried So Hard-Gene Clark & The Gosdin Bros.
(Gene Clark & the Gosdin Brothers- Orig. Mono preferred, Sundazed reissue will do)

Don't Disappear Now- Marshall Crenshaw
(Marshall Crenshaw- Life's Too Short)

Gloria- Van Morrison w/John Lee Hooker
(Van Morrison- Too Long In Exile)

Spiders (Kidsmoke)- Wilco
(Wilco-A Ghost Is Born)



Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me of the Celebrity Skin album - it seemed too polished and long when it came out, but in hindsight it's pure power pop.

Charlie Carr said...

Makes for a cool set list . . .

dogbreath said...

Thanks, nice mix - opened my eyes (or should that be ears?) to Hole and Ace Frehley & I'm loving the Gene Clark - Marshall Crenshaw one-two. Hope you get lucky this weekend - at the collector's fair, I mean! Cheers....

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sal

I would not have listened to Ace Frehley usually but you have sparked an interest.