Friday, November 28, 2014

The Weekend Mix, 11/28/14

Out of necessity, this WM has been tagged differently. Normally, the mix is compiled and sequenced, then burned and uploaded. But, an issue with my software did not allow that. You'll see. Frankly, this was much easier for me. Tell me what you think, as I'd like to do it this way from now on.

As for the selection, there is no real theme, though a few of the songs are related to each other by sheer coincidence. Jonathan Wilson, The Fireman, Martin Belmont, Clover and the Balham Alligators all have a connection to Elvis Costello, also here.

Maybe you'll dig it, 'cause I think, it sounds good all together.


Fanfare- Jonathan Wilson
Someday- Los Lobos
Gawd Above- John Fullbright
If There's Anything Else You Want- Roddie Joy
Two Magpies- The Fireman
Knucklehead- Terry Adams & Steve Ferguson
For Your Love- The Yardbirds
An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down- Rod Stewart
Permanently Lonely- The Little Willies
Nowhere's Too Far (For My Baby)- Peter Frampton
See You Tonite- Gene Simmons
She Loves The Jerk- Elvis Costello
Alison- Martin Belmont
Love Is Gone- Clover
If You Change Your Mind- Raspberries
Allons Rock & Roll- Balham Alligators
Rainbow Sleeves- Rickie Lee Jones



snakeboy said...

Works for me. Thanks for another varied collection of tunes.


It does indeed sound good all together.

That young man Costello ain't no John Hiatt but maybe he'll amount to something!

As to format whatever works for you -- we can certainly work around.

Thanks Sal!

dogbreath said...

It's just within my capabilities to get the tunes in the same sequence you've listed & I'm burning the mix now (don't tell the boss!)to listen to on the journey home. Many thanks & enjoy the weekend - cheers!

cmealha said...

"She Loves the Jerk" is such a great song. Wasn't familiar with it and didn't realize it was a John Hiatt song. Love both versions. Thanks for the turn on.

Anonymous said...

Alls well at this end. Keep up the sensational work Mr Sal

Loved the Yardbirds



A Walk In The Woods said...

This format works great for me - in fact it's better in a way, because a) it tells me which album each song came from in case I want to buy the whole LP and b) it lists the year each came out, which normally isn't included in the tag.

But any way you want to do it is awesome of course, because your taste in music is superb and I usually learn something new.

Thanks Sal and have a good weekend.