Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ann Peebles Day

I spent a solid two hours listening to the great Ann Peebles records on Hi. Both "Part Time Love" and "Straight From The Heart" are as good as any soul records in the history of soul records.

Just thought I'd pass this on, in the event that you might not have known.

"I Can't Stand The Rain" ain't too shabby either.




Enough to make me tear my playhouse down!

Thanks Sal.

mauijim said...

2Sal following your lead and listening to her g. hits lp and dropping the Christmas music for now

buzzbabyjesus said...


Eric said...

great great...gotta give kudos to the hi studios musicians/producers...the sound had al green written all... i guess willie mitchell had his hand in it?

Bombshelter Slim said...

Well, she IS the female Al Green... a lot of people only know her "hit", but her discography pretty Deep.

Gene Oberto said...


I "discovered" the Hi package a few months ago and have reveled in the emotional and soulful talent of Ann Peebles. If the "suits" had promoted her like they did Al, they could have made a lot more money.

Her misfortune was that she shined in an era that tagged Aretha as the female voice of soul. To an audience of teens that did not have the fortune of growing up in the scope of Memphis radio waves, she became an overlooked jewel in the R&B genre.

At the end of the Bill Wyman show,a plea was made. We might be the last generation that appreciates this type of music. That soulful blues and R&B might be relegated to the curators of obscure sections of museums and Wikipedia would be a damn shame.

dogbreath said...

No argument from me. It was "I Can't Stand the Rain" that did it for me way back when.

A Walk In The Woods said...

Somehow, I've never gotten on the Ann Peebles train - thanks for this reminder, I need to check her out a lot more.

Robin said...

Awesome! Not articulate but you know that's her name, "awesome"...Thanks!

Can every day be her day?