Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Music

Here are some actual quotes regarding Christmas music.

"Aaww, it's alright. It's nice and it's only for a few weeks a year."

"If I hear Marshmallow World one more time, I'm gonna put my foot through the television."

"I like traditional Christmas music."

"I admit I am not much of a fan of Christmas music. I endure it for a couple of weeks for my wife's sake."

"If I hear that Mariah Carey tune one more time, I'm gonna put my fist through that car 

I don't mind it, as long as it's mixed up a bit...like this.

A Very Sorry Christmas- The New Mendicants
Let It Snow!- Jon Auer
The Little Drummer Boy- The Fab Four
Do You Hear What I Hear?- Spiraling
Christmas Must Be Tonight- The Band
All I Want For Christmas Is You- Carla Thomas
It's Christmas Time- Sun Ra & the Qualities
Blackberry Winter- Keith Jarrett
Linus & Lucy- Dylan Maida
Postcard From London- Ray Davies & Chrissie Hynde
Rumple Minze- Wyldlife
All I Want For Christmas Is You- Mike Viuola & The Candy Butchers
Rock N Roll Wimter- Roy Wood's Wizzard
Old Fashioned Christmas-Duke Pearson




Noam Sane said...

Real nice mix, Sal.

I'm glad you're still around.

There's not a drop of bullshit in your writing, it feels 100% real every time and that's a rarity.

We disagree about the details sometimes, but I know we're on the same page in general: music is the best.

I wish you a peaceful holiday.

cmealha said...

I love them. Thanks for not going with the obvious.

dogbreath said...

That's another fine mess - sorry, mix - that you've put together for us, a refreshing anodyne to what the stores, radio & TV are bombarding us with. Many thanks and hope you get what you want for Christmas. Cheers!

Robin said...

Very nice. I LOVE Christmas music, I'm a collector. Perhaps because I have such a variety of songs and artists and different artists doing the standards, and also listen to a lot of Classical as well, I don't get as sick of it as others, but liking the music a lot to begin with probably gives me an advantage for lack of a better word, and plus it's music I love to sing, doing that since I was a child in choir, caroling, in a group or by myself, it was all imprinted! Especially the more religious songs, singing them on Christmas Eve just does something for me. I always mixed my Christmas music with spirituals and with other joyful sounding souls- early Beatles, Ella Fitzgerald singing anything upbeat, etc.

I do think they start playing them so early now that folks get burned out, and the decorations are up too early too. I used to love to hear that first Christmas/holiday song on the day after Thanksgiving and then the stations would slowly build to playing more as we go closer. Oh well. We always put up our tree the day after Thanksgiving so the carols started early at our house though. ( I always started with Phil Spector's "A Christmas Gift for You" always). But now we hear them before Thanksgiving!

I had played two of my large Christmas mixes on iTunes over last weekend and realized I was missing a lot from the CDs that I guess I didn't add to my library. I didn't have time to get them and iTunes makes it easier now to drag into a playlist (for me at least) so I pulled a lot of songs I didn't have on those other lists, a lot of them from Burning Wood- albeit the more Christmasy ones and it was fun listening yesterday on my first day of vacation, and you were sort of co-creator Sal, so thanks for that!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, everyone. Peace and joy in the New Year.


Excellent mix Sal -- Many Thanks.

I dig Christmas music but am always weary of "too poppy", "too cute," "Too predictable," too ...

Our friend Joel Plaskett just workshopped a Christmas song that Burning Wooders might enjoy:


Have a wonderful Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho

A Walk In The Woods said...

Thanks for this Sal - Meeeeerry Christmas!

kevin m said...

I'm enjoying this mix on Xmas morning. Thanks Sal and Merry Christmas!