Saturday, January 17, 2015

Songs Of The Week 7.0-1/10-1/16 (Plus bonus tracks)

Apologies for the sporadic posting. My head has been up my ass and I see no specific time frame for its removal.

That being said, this Weekend Mix is a combo. It contains the Songs Of The Week, as well as some of the songs intended for that "lost mix" I mentioned earlier, an idea sparked by listening to Alice Cooper's "Welcome To My Nightmare."

The songs from "Band On The Run" on, which was recently described in Mojo magazine as a "pop-opera in 13 parts," are epics and I love them all. The artists represented, at least to my memory, don't often get a lot of love here, which is what caused the trepidation on my end. But I have no issue with mentioning, as if you didn't already know, that Bowie, Rundgren and Queen are right up there with The Beatles, Dylan and The Who for me. And while Rufus Wainwright is not for everyone, I think his first four records are brilliant and this song in particular, sounding like a lost son of early Elton and Queen, moves me greatly.

So, I hope you give this a spin and use the "grouping" feature of iTunes to play in order.


Cause I Sez So- New York Dolls
Don't Say Nothin' Bad About My Baby- The Cookies
My Way- Sid Vicious
Give It All Away- World Party
Madness- Carlene Carter
I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone- Elvis Presley
I'm So Tired- The Beatles
For Yasgur's Farm- Mountain
Band On The Run- Paul McCartney & Wings
Sweet Thing>Candidate-Sweet Thing-David Bowie
The March Of The Black Queen>Funny How Love Is- Queen
Steven- Alice Cooper
Go Or Go Ahead- Rufus Wainwright
Initiation- Todd Rundgren



Anonymous said...

Hi Sal

What a lot of extreme's Sid Vicious to the Cookies to Mountain. Nice work



Malcom 15 said... a great Bowie album, and on to a better Queen one...

dogbreath said...

Aren't we all susceptible to having head up ass moods? I usually get out of mine when I tire of the view. I'm sure you will too. Thanks for tasty mix - variety is the spice of life - Alice, Macca, Elvis, Bowie, even that chap at the end. Good to hear the Queen tracks again, memories of first time seeing them play which was between the release of Queen I & II. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend - I know I will!

cmealha said...

Wainwright's "Go or Go Ahead" is one of the most phenomenal recordings ever

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap.