Friday, January 9, 2015

The Weekend Mix, 1/9/15

There have been many "lost" albums. Some of the most famous that come to mind are The Beach Boys "Smile" and Prince's "Black Album," for starters. Most recently, David Bowie's unreleased "Toy" was leaked in stellar quality. I bring this up because I had an idea for a Weekend Mix.

The idea came to me after I gave Alice Cooper's "Welcome To My Nightmare" a spin. I love this record and hadn't heard it in ages. One song specifically, really did the trick. I thought about why I loved this particular song and then a dozen more songs came to mind, all similar in style. When I compiled the mix, it was twice as long as it needed to be and though 16 songs were included, only 8 artists were represented. And when I looked at these 8 artists, I thought "Burning Wood readers will never listen to this."

To complicate matters a bit more, in the recent Uncut Magazine's Ultimate Music Guide which features Paul McCartney, a writer refers to the song "Band On The Run" as a "pop-opera in 13 parts." Of course, I had to listen and count. (This mix was really coming together.)

To further (maybe) pique your interest, 6 of the 8 artists are some of my faves of all time. Still, I wasn't feeling confident.

It's been shelved.

In its stead, please enjoy this collection of songs that have been rotating heavily this week.

Who knows if you'll listen to this and like it? I did and I do and I feel a bit more confident that you might, too.


Making Time- The Creation
Treat Her Like A Lady- Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose
Takes A Lot Of Loving- Roscoe Gordon
Not The Girl You Think You Are- Crowded House
Jupiter Hollow- The Band
If Sugar Was As Sweet- Joe Tex
My Girlfriend Is A Waitress- The Iguanas
Mean Ol' Wind Died Down- Noth Mississippi All-Stars
Lost My Drivin' Wheel- Tom Rush
She's My Baby- The Traveling Wilburys
And So Is Love- Kate Bush
You Used To Drive Me Around- Jon Auer



J Lark said...

I just finished this mix...perfect for this balmy morning...thanks cuz.

William Repsher said...

Re: Welcome to My Nightmare. Try a band called Frost, particularly the track "Black as Night." That's Dick Wagner's band in the late 60's/early 70's. That track serves as a template for those churning/multi-level Cooper songs like "I Love the Dead" or "Only Women Bleed" that he had a huge hand in. A lot of the Frost material feels dated to me, but every now and then, you could hear the great direction Wagner was moving in.

Brian Campbell said...

The mix you decided not to share sounds intriguing. I'm sure your readers are interested to learn more. Don't sell us short.

Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated,

Great choice with Tom Rush. Haven't heard his Driving Wheel in ages, and will give it a listen tonighT. Fans of Driving Wheel should seek out the Cowboy Junkies version. Boy, when the Junkies do a cover, they do it reeeeaallly well.

Oh, and a big shout, too, for Treat Her Like-like-a-treat-her-like. God, I love the backgrond vocals in that tune.


cmealha said...

You sly devil, creating your own lost album.

Shriner said...

As much as I love "Nightmare", I've always loved "Goes To Hell" even more. GTH is in my Top 5 albums of all time. I even wrote a paper about it in college 25 years ago.

But I digress...

A walk in the woods said...

Sal, I vouchsafe (I just like saying that word, with an English accent) we - or at least I - will listen to any mix you put out. You have good taste - let it fly!

That being said, this mix looks good too. Have a rockin'-out kinda weekend.

Apetalk1971 said...

I love downloading the weekend mix, putting it on my Ipod and forgetting about it till middle of the next week. It is like opening a surprise gift that takes the ol' troubles away!

dogbreath said...

Big thanks for this mix - can't go wrong with Crowded House, The Band & HRH Kate popping up in there - and add me to the list of those wanting to hear the tracks so tantalisingly hinted at. Weekend good, please have. Cheers!

B. Goode said...

You Big Tease!