Thursday, February 19, 2015

"Carnival Time": THE WEEKEND MIX (Early Edition)

In the spirit of Carnival and in the good name of New Orleans and because I miss the Crescent City very, very much and because it's 2 degrees here in NYC and because I am really tired of the cold weather and because if I hear one more Dylan fanboy refer to "Shadows In The Night" as brilliant I am going to blow a gasket, here is a better late than never mix for Mardi Gras to hopefully put us all in a great state.


Immigrant Song- Tin Men
Shallow Water- Big Chief Donald Harrison Jr.
Her Mind Is Gone- Profgessor Longhair
Feel So Good- Shirley & Lee
Samba De Orpheus- Charles Neville & Diversity
Cry Til My Tears Run Dry- Irma Thomas
The Wizard- Bonerama
Bottoms Up- Stanton Moore
The Moil- Galactic
Eat Those Words- Eddie Lang
Day Dream- Allen Toussaint
Allons Rock N Roll- Li'l Band O'Gold
Warsaw Concerto- James Booker
Jungle Man- The Meters
Burgundy Street Blues- Dr. Michael White
Sing It!- Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas & Tracey Nelson
Life Is A Carnival- The Wild Magnolias



Allan Rosenberg said...

Thank you Sal for joining me as a voice in the wilderness that thinks the new Dylan album doesn't cut it.

Yes I haven't listened in depth but what I've heard seems such a disconnect between intent and reality I don't wish to explore the album any further for the time being. Maybe I'll come around in five years, maybe not.

Thanks for the NO,LA mix! That I will enjoy!!!

Stay warm, it's even colder north of the city.

Capt. Al

Bill said...

Hmmm, tell me more about Mr Dylan. I actually am enjoying it. I like the instrumentation and his singing is actually singing this time.

William Repsher said...

The new Dylan I sampled is just bad. Not laughably bad like I thought it would be, so I'll give it that much. But bad. Can't wrap my mind around him putting down Rod Stewart for doing roughly the same thing, just as bad. I am so out of touch with the critical world (and the numerous positive reviews I've read), but probably very much in touch with the rest of society in this instance.

"My Big Chief Has a Golden Crown" by The Wild Magnolias came up in the mix I do for one of my classes at the gym today ... really put me in the right frame of mind.

buzzbabyjesus said...

I appreciate what Bob has done, and I think it's fairly successful, but I hate Frank Sinatra and pretty much everything Jonathan Schwartz plays on WNYC, so I'll never listen to it.
I'm glad Bob continues to surprise. Too bad I haven't cared about anything he's done since "Blood On The tracks".

buzzbabyjesus said...

I love New Orleans and the music from there. The cradle of so much.

David said...

This is what I am talking about. Thanks Sal for putting this wonderful mix together. Best place in world, when it comes to great music and food.

greetings from san francisco,


dogbreath said...

A friend's little girl thought that carnivores were people who enjoyed carnivals. Ain't that sweet? (No - Ed). So thanks for the mix as who doesn't need a touch of carnival in their lives from time to time? As for the Dylan/Sinatra thing, folks I know who are Sinatra-aholics (is there such a word?) (No - Ed) are equally divided between it being either the greatest thing since sliced bread or sheer blasphemy. Me, I prefer Mr S's originals but I'm too busy putting on my carnival costume to care. Cheers!

Charlie Carr said...

Tracks 7 > 9 = yeah!

[blown gasket in a circle with a line through it goes here]

Bob who?
It's Mardi Gras Time in New Orleans!!


Funny how one line about Bob takes over the comments.

Far more important ... on this bitter cold morning I'm so diggin the mix. Just yesterday the shuffle gods got me listening to old Jon Cleary -- I was in a Mardi Gras state of mind and didn't even know it!

Thanks Sal!

J. Loslo said...

Thanks, Sal. I'm bone-weary from snow removal & ready for spring. This mix was a nice, cheerful break.

Ken D said...

Here's a link to a wonderful collection of photos from NO Mardi Gras and other Carnivals from around the world. (These are real photos by pro photographers, not stupid drunken selfies...)

Sal Nunziato said...

Dibs on "Stupid Drunken Selfies" for my new band name.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sal

Bonerama what an absolute hoot