Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Look Out Long Branch, Here I Come!

Taking a road trip. Gonna look for records, weather be damned. I'm heading out early tomorrow (today, if you're reading this tomorrow), hoping NJ Transit is kind. In the meantime, here's 30 minutes of acoustic Paul that I felt like hearing and thought you would, too.


I've Just Seen A Face
Ram On
Two Magpies
Jenny Wren
Calico Skies
I'm Carrying
Here Today
Great Day



dogbreath said...

Coincidences abound. Last night (seeing it's about Macca maybe I should've said "Yesterday" ) listened to a Beatles version of "A Taste of Honey" from a 1963 "Pop Goes the Weasel" radio show with Paulie's immaculate vocals and then caught a re-run of the MusiCares tribute to the man himself. Anyhow, many thanks for the tasty download & happy trails.

J Lark said...

Hopefully, Here Today in NJ will be a Great Day With Calico Skies. When we've Seen Jenny Wren's Face she will not have Two Magpies for us, but wonderful records. We just Ram On so we/I'm not carrying home Junk. As far as Mr. Blackbird - stay out of our way! - Oh...good morning cuz.

A walk in the woods said...

Can't wait to hear this! I really wish Paul would do a straight-up all acoustic album - kind of like the wonderful Unplugged CD, but even more stripped down.

What year is this performance from?

cmealha said...

Perfect set.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr Sal

I've just seen a face a long time favourite

Jenny Wren just cant warm to this song.

Nice share