Tuesday, February 10, 2015

More From The Rails

My obsession with The Rails continues. Please obsess with me. Here is a two-parter, "The Rails-Pub Crawl," each clip running about 15 minutes, and featuring Linda Thompson, and a particularly heartbreaking bit with Edwyn Collins that opens Part 2.

Buy The Rails record, "Fair Warning." 

(h/t hpunch)


Steve Mc said...

Given what Edwyn Collins has been through I'd call the fact that's not only still making music but music as good as his last album heartwarming rather than heartbreaking.

His voice seemed to get stronger through that clip.

Sal Nunziato said...

Fair enough, Steve Mc. I was moved by the song and performance and meant "heartbreaking" in the best possible way.

Anonymous said...

This is great stuff, Sal! Thanks for the heads-up.

Steve Mc said...

No problem.

Like I said his last album, his first with songs written after his cerebral haemorrhage is excellent.

Anonymous said...

from these clips, I stumbled upon videos of what Roddy Frame has been up to. Indebted, thanks.

whattawino said...

This is just fantastic stuff. Beautiful music, people and settings. Gives one a terrific feeling (and maybe an urge for a Guinness in the morning!) Thanks, Sal.

hpunch said...

I want to go to those pubs.
I love the brass on Breakneck Speed.
And what is that first song opening part one?
I would guess a traditional folk song.
The Edwyn Collins song really moved me.
Great to see Linda looking on with such pride and love for Kami. And lending some nice high harmonies.
I heard she kind of played matchmaker.
I need to get on her good side and maybe she can do the same with her older daughter.

Dave said...

Great stuff. Thanks for this, Sal.

Ken D said...

Old fart that I am, I'd like to get the Rails' on CD but seems it's only available as an import. 28 bucks at Amazon. Anyone know about a US release?

Kodak Ghost said...

All excellent. Thanks for the links. I'd love to know how they recorded it. Good sound, good balance from all instruments and vocals. Seeing the RT trio in a month. Can't wait!