Saturday, February 28, 2015

Songs Of The Week 7.0: 2/21-2/28

It Makes No Difference -The Band
Chica Chica Boom Chic- Carmen Miranda
Hey Blue Eyes- Bruce Springsteen
Ace Of Spades- Eli "Paperboy" Reed
Princessa- Jason Falkner
Waiting For An Alibi-Thin Lizzy
It Won't Always Be The Same- The Millenium




I'm reminded what a horrible beautiful song is Hey Blue Eyes.

Thanks Sal!

dogbreath said...

I was saying all last week that any SOTW with Carmen Miranda in can't be all bad & she of the fruity headgear is the icing on the cake (perhaps the prize pineapple of the fruit bowl may be more apposite) of a tuneful 7 day's worth. Anyway, cheers & many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Chica chica boom chica what a blast from the past. Thanks Sal you keep us guessing what is coming next.