Thursday, March 26, 2015

And Then There Were Two: The London Souls Are Back

I know it wasn't the first time I had written about The London Souls, but this piece explains a lot. Please refresh your memories.

Now, the band is back (with only Tash & Chris, front and center) with a new record dropping soon, and a single, "When I'm With You," which is above for your listening pleasure.

This new track is right in my wheelhouse, and while it's only slightly reminiscent of the fiery trio I witnessed live those years ago, I'll take it. I loved these guys from day one and I look forward to the full length next month.



Very nice!

I'm reminded of that Grey covered album you recommended. Guess what's playing right now?

Thanks Sal.

Brad K. said...

Thanks (again) for the tip. Just found a used copy of the "official" London Souls debut (would love to hear the Ray Bardani and Leo Sacks sessions) and it only set me back four dollars.

Looking forward to hearing the new one next month. Cheers ... and all that jazz!

kevin m said...

Thanks for the tip Sal. Liking this one. Have added to my Amazon cart.

Saw them open up for Crows/Tedeschi Trucks a couple of years ago and they were really good.

rick said...

Lovely. It reminds me of quite a few other groups/artists without ever being imitative...

M_Sharp said...

These guys sound good, and YouTube has a lot of good videos. They're in town soon, I hope I can make the show. Thanks for the tip, Sal.