Friday, March 6, 2015

"March, 2015" : THE WEEKEND MIX

It's boring to talk about cold weather and snow in winter. Sleet happens. Still, enough is enough. It's not like I'm an outdoorsey type by nature. (I'm more of a Tommy Dorsey type.) Just the word "nature" makes me shiver. But, I think this relentless stretch of bitter, freezing, skin-cracking cold is getting to me.  I need sunshine and warmth and fresh air and an ocean breeze and a cocktail with an umbrella in it.

Thank you for listening.

And now...some music.


I'm The Man Who Murdered Love- XTC
Early Morning: Cold Taxi- The Who
Misfire-Neko Case
Next To Me- Tim Christensen
Some Of Shelly's Blues- Continental Drifters
Young Bride- Midlake
Seven Years In Tibet- David Bowie
Momma's Little Jewel- Mott The Hoople
Nobody-Larry Williams, Johnny "Guitar" Watson and Kaleidoscope
When the World Was Young- Page & Plant
This We Shall Explore- Skip Bifferty
Can't Win (Live)- Richard Thompson
Troubled Times- Fountains Of Wayne
Couldn't I Just Tell You- Joe Jackson
Just Like Heaven- The Watson Twins
It Might As Well Be You- Del Amitri
Just Once In My Life- The Beach Boys



Gene Oberto said...

Tommy Dorsey...

whattawino said...

Tommy Dorsey...(in case you didn't have me at Sleet Happens!) Oh, and a really great mix too, I might add.

Bill said...

I always loved that version of Mike Nesmith's song by the Continental Drifters. Their first album is a keeper. And nice pickup of the Richard Thompson live Can't Win after the discussion about his outstanding guitar solos.

Looking forward to the rest of the mix!

efredd said...

Sending to you from the coast of Oregon (where we went from fall to spring):

-Thermal aptitude
-Time compression
-Long johns

Bless you and shiver no more. Love yer music!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Very nice collection. I was just listening to Can't Win [R.Thompson] in the car today. Also love anything from XTC.

A walk in the woods said...

ha! Looking forward to hearing this one... and hope your weather improves, Sal.