Monday, March 9, 2015

Physical Graffiti Redrawn

The new issue of Mojo has an exclusive interview with Jimmy Page and features a story on the just released 40th anniversary edition of LZ's epic release "Physical Graffiti."Included with the issue, as with every issue, is a free cd and this month it is "Physical Graffiti Redrawn," the album covered and reinvented by new artists.

More times than not, these Mojo CDs are hit and miss, with an emphasis on "miss." But this time, we've got a winner. Not everything works, but so much of it does. Some faves...

Son Little's "Trampled Underfoot"-

Michael Kiwanuka's "Ten Years Gone"-

And this ass-kicking version "Houses Of The Holy" from the Temperance Movement-


kevin m said...

I love the Ten Years Gone version done by M Kiwanuka. On the other hand, the version of Kashmir that appears on this CD is dreadful.

Sal Nunziato said...

Really, Kevin? I liked "Kashmir." The band is from Mali and did it in their own tongue. Interesting and different, I think.

William Repsher said...

I've been buying all these Led Zep reissues more in a mind of making them strategically placed gifts to my older brother, who was a huge fan. (And wouldn't you know it, Amazon gives you free MP3 copies of each physical CD you purchase, the gift that keeps giving ... to myself.)

I think Physical Graffiti will be it. Presence was a strange album, In through the Out Door pretty choppy, and Coda a throw-in. PG was it for both of us, an album we both wore out the vinyl, and he went through two 8-track copies. Even now, for a double album, it has to go down as one of the best of the rock era. The band was clicking on so many cylinders, doing everything just right.

I heard the MOJO disc, and it was actually a pretty good covers disc. Most of those are boring as hell, lesser recreations that sound like tribute bands. But I have to say with Mojo ... when I was regularly buying the magazine in the mid-90's, even then, it felt like I was reading stuff I'd read dozens of times before about 60's and 70's bands ... and that was 20 years ago!!

buzzbabyjesus said...

I played the shit out of Led Zepellin III, IV, and HOTH, but I've never owned Physical Grafitti, or heard it all the way through. I have no explanation for this, other than a tendency to move on. They were huge and didn't need me anymore. And double albums generally not worth the expense.
In 1975 I was into Roxy Music, King Crimson, Genesis, Richard Thompson, Eno, Roy Harper.
Not necessarily in that order.

soundsource said...

me like

William Repsher said...

In 1975 I was in Elton John, Captain & Tenille, Chicago, Bo Donaldsen & the Heywoods and Paper Lace. In that order.

Man, I wasn't even a teenager! Why lie about it now.

Anonymous said...

Physical Grafitti is a an example of an album on which your opinion can change over time. At first, I was coming off disappointment with Houses of the Holy, and didn't appreciate the staccato riffs of Grafitti. Now it seems like their Exile (only better).

Anonymous said...

@Repsher. The first big concert I ever saw was Chicago and the Beach Boys at the Oakland Colosseum, 1975. And I went for Chicago! Oh well. I still stand by Elton John.

Bruce H

Anonymous said...

Check out Willard's Wormholes for more 'info'!

A walk in the woods said...

Nice... I got this with my new MOJO and am really enjoying it.

And yes, I keep buying the reissues just to have the best and final version... with the outtakes.

On a bit of side note: the commenter just before me references Willard's Wormholes... there seem to be no new links for the last month or so - anybody know what's up with Willard?