Friday, May 22, 2015

The Holiday Weekend Mix

Woke up. Got out of bed. Another good day.

The sun is looking mighty fine this morning, coming through the slats of the blinds, reminding me how badly I need to dust. But first, for the unofficial start of summer, here's a collection of tunes that I would not mind listening to if I was either firing up a grill, hanging on a beach playing volleyball with some college kids like in those wine cooler commercials, or simply opening my windows and breathing in some fresh air.

I think you'll like it, especially those of you who are less than savvy and still have a hard time grabbing these mixes for your listening pleasure. (Get someone in your office to help you. It's a good one today!)

Have a good weekend. Remember the true meaning of Memorial Day. Enjoy the music.


Hawaii Five-o- The Ventures
Dirty Water- The Standells
Treat Her Like A Lady- Cornelius Bros. & Sister Rose
Wot- Captain Sensible
Springtime- Donald Fagen
Bassanova- DJ Smash
I Want You Back- David Ruffin
The New Pollution-Beck
Jungle Jazz- Kool & The Gang
WPLJ- Four Deuces
Holiday- Nazareth
Bad Time- Grand Funk
I'm My Own Doctor- Debbie Dovale
Summer Can't Come Too Soon- A.J. Croce
On A Sunday Afternoon- A Lighter Shade Of Brown
A Stroke Of Genius- Freelance Hellraiser
Bust A Move (Instrumental)- Young MC
Stoney End- Beth Nielsen Chapman



iggy said...

Thanks for this beauty, Sal. I wish you lots of fresh air and sunshine, no matter where you may be.


A walk in the woods said...

This looks like a REALLY good mix... my eye went to the Kool & The Gang. Looking forward to hearing it all - thanks for sharing and have a rockin' weekend, Sal.


New finds, old friends, ... what a fun mix -- Thanks Sal.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

The Ventures are the sound of Summer. Nice share/mix



David said...

look forward to the listen. i appreciate the time you put into the site and the many mixes - thanks! dave from sf

dogbreath said...

We have a Spring Bank Holiday over here on Monday (rather than Memorial Day) and this is a fine kickin' mix to, er, kick off the holiday weekend. Good to see the Captain in there & the three tune run from the Four Deuces to Grand Funk had us all dancing round the carpet. Many thanks & hope your weekend is all you want it to be.

Anonymous said...

Just getting around to listening to this mix while paying bills--the Memorial Day Weekend keeps giving!

Really awesome, great vibe. Thanks Sal!