Friday, May 29, 2015

The Weekend Mix: Neil Finn

I enjoyed putting together the Hall & Oates deeper cut mix a few weeks ago and it seemed to be a minor hit. I thought I'd try the same approach with Neil Finn, a songwriter I've loved since his early days with Split Enz and someone who I think most people associate with the Crowded House hit "Don't Dream It's Over" and nothing more.

I've included solo tracks, Crowded House tracks and a couple of duets, with one or two hits thrown in for good measure.

Here's hoping you give this a whirl and discover a new fave.


Recurring Dream- Crowded House
Iris- Split Enz
Not The Girl You Think You Are- CH
Pour Le Monde- CH
She Will Have Her Way- Neil Finn
White Lies & Alibis- NF
Anytime- NF
Mary Of The South Seas- Neil & Tim Finn
Human Kindness- NF
Faster Than Light- NF
Silent House- CH
Distant Sun- CH
Throw Your Arms Around Me- Eddie Vedder & Neil Finn
Nails In My Feet- CH




Thanks Sal.

The depth of my musical ignorance never ceases to amaze me. I blame those decades I spent having been abducted by aliens!

I sorta know Neil and sorta know Crowed House and sorta, sorta, sorta ... But none as much as I should.

Dig this mix!

Thanks and have a great weekend.

A walk in the woods said...

Looks like a great mix. I saw the Finn Brothers on the tour they did behind the album that has "Anything Can Happen" on it, which is still one of my favorite pop songs of all time.

cmealha said...

I'm looking forward to this one. I've really enjoyed some of his stuff but have never dived deep. This looks like a good primer.

buzzbabyjesus said...

Too much Crowded House and not enough "Try Whistling This". Where's "Twisty Bass".

Sal Nunziato said...

I am completely disgusted with myself for somehow overlooking my absolute favorite album, "The Finn Brothers-Everyone Is Here," which I think ia both Tim & Neil's finest hour. Not sure how I let that happen. May have to do a remastered edition for the future.

mikesensei said...

I'm enjoying the heck out of this. I'm one of those who only knew "Don't Dream It's Over." This is a delight. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Why beat yourself up about having left off a song? With Neil Finn / Crowded House, you have a Sophie's Choice of material to choose from. I have a new "favorite" every time I listen to him/them. Thanks for this nice mix -- it'll make for a perfect start to summer.

dogbreath said...

It must have been their sartorial elegance that first got us into Split Enz but the music made a lasting impression too & it's been a joy following Finn's progress since then. Another tasty little mix, many thanks, and may you do everything you want to do this weekend. Cheers!

Elroy said...

I don't think he has made a bad album yet, in any configuration! His songwriting has grown more sophisticated over the years, while remaining grounded in a great pop sensibility.