Monday, June 15, 2015

One Last Fantasy: Gladys Knight & Jools Holland

The Palladia network which airs "Later...With Jools Holland," reran a compilation show called "Legends," featuring live performances from...uh....legends. I'm only halfway through the 90 minute episode but most of these performances so far have been outstanding. I was particularly blown away by David Gilmour, Rick Wright and Roxy Music's Phil Manzanera absolutely nailing The Syd-era Floyd single "Arnold Layne" and having fun while doing so. Gilmour actually laughs!

But it was Gladys Knight's reading of "If I Were Your Woman" with host Holland on the ivories that sent me into goosebump central.

This is a record that needs to be made- a small acoustic combo soul record, with Jools Holland as musical director, revisiting some of Knight's classics and maybe a new song or two.

Somebody out there, make this happen.


William Repsher said...

Good concept, but ditch Jools Holland. Never liked the guy! I thought his contributions to Squeeze were far less than what he thought they were. Granted, in the early days, he contributed a lot to their sense of style, the attitude, that sense of "fun" you always felt in a Squeeze song. Other than finding his calling in life as a very good music TV show host, not quite sure what else was going on there? Besides, he'd probably be too "busy" to pull it off.

Now, Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham seem to have more time on their hands and more experience in this genre. And direct access to Memphis and Muscle Shoals players who could handle the material. I've really enjoyed the acoustic albums/shows they've put together over the years, and it would be could to see them backing up someone like Gladys Knight, among many others.

jeff said...

and it occurred to me last night what would happen if you paired brian wilson with blunstone and argent you might get something interesting.

Sal Nunziato said...

Brian Wilson should not sing or be left alone to write music. But I do think he might still be capable of producing and arranging someone with a voice and material. Brian producing the Zombies, YES! But the other way around, I'd have to say no.

dogbreath said...

Getting back to your point, the BBC's "Later..." is one of the few shows on the box where the music is performed live & there have been innumerable excellent performances from artists old & new. The competitive element of performing right before or after & right next to the previous band or singer may have something to do with it. Highly recommended viewing & your motion about Gladys Knight is seconded.

vanwoert said...

Brian producing the Zombies, is to Madonna producing Supertramp..?

tinpot said...

Thank you Sal (and Dogbreath) for reminding me of "Later with...". Spent way too much time on youtube yesterday dipping into the incredible selections available.
As for Gladys ... Jools is definitely preferable to what she normally does, but I would love to send her to New Orleans to record ... Sal, can you recommend a band for her?