Friday, June 5, 2015


This has been a really uninspiring week. Or maybe it was a disappointing week, and those disappointments left me uninspired. As I type this, I am realizing that this introduction to "The Weekend Mix" has nothing to do with the compilation. I just wanted a venue to say the following:

People need to start being a little more responsible with their words and actions. Think before you speak or type or Tweet. Show some compassion, some sensitivity. For that matter, show some passion. REACT! You are not the center of the universe. (That would be The Beatles.) If you're going to dish it, know that you should be able to take it, as well. And for Pete's sake, you can't just do and say anything you want and expect people not to do the same. People have emotions, they need to show them once in a while. Get angry, be sympathetic, apologize, laugh at yourself, scream and dance, and at the very least, pretend to be interested because while you may be having a shit time of it, others are most definitely having it worse and sometimes they need you more than you need them.  Look around and take in what's really going on around you. You may be busy, but you ain't that fucking busy.

Now...dig this.


Don't Touch Me There- The Tubes
Best Is Yet To Come- VeG
It's Love That Really Counts- The Shirelles
Some Days Are Better Than Others - U2
Brief Candles- The Zombies
Lady Friend- The Byrds
Now- Dion
May You Never- John Martyn
I Don't Work That Cheap- Bill Kirchen
Closer Still- World Party
So Sad About Us- Shaun Cassidy w/Utopia
This Is Our Life- Rob Laufer
Blue, Red & Grey- The Who
The Ballad Of Easy Rider- Fairport Convention
Church Of Women- XTC



Brad K. said...

Agreed ... except for that bit about The Beatles.

Here's wishing you a stellar weekend and more inspiring weeks in the future.

Duardo said...

This looks like a damn good mix.


Robin said...

Agreed and agree even more about The Beatles, no exception for me! Great mix, here's to an inspiring weekend.


Sal -- you've been reading my mail.

Had an email this week: "I agree with your analysis, for the most part" -- FOR THE MOST PART???!!! Do I need that passive aggressive bullshit? I think not!

Far more important ...

I'm diggin' the mix and must say it is many years since I listened to my Tubes records.

Have a great weekend -- for the most part!

Christine said...

Agree! And, a perfect mix to lighten up the shitty mood caused by this week of stress and bad weather! (and bad behavior)

dogbreath said...

As some American bloke called Edison said "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration". I've got plenty of the latter but not too much of the former (so why aren't I Einstein, I ask?). Anyway, I've always found your blog to be of an inspirational bent as well as amusing & informative. For example, it was your pick of The Who's "Blue, Red & Grey" in another mix which fired up my juices to play that band's music again. (Can you fire up juices? - ed). So, many thanks for the mix and may your juices be of an inspirational nature this weekend. Cheers!

rick said...

I was just listening to The Byrds 'easy rider' the other day, thanks for including FC's cover; her voice is always transporting. . . Have you ever put out a list of covers that you prefer over the original? That's a topic I'm often kicking around in my head.

cmealha said...

Very well said.

A walk in the woods said...

Wishing you a good weekend Sal - and thanks for this mix. Nice to see Bill Kirchen in there, I think he's a genius.