Monday, June 1, 2015

Throwback Monday

From Norman, Oklahoma, please enjoy Broncho with their terrific slice of feel good 80s synth-pop, "Class Historian."

There are a dozen little things I love about the track, all making up one big record. If this was 1983, this would no doubt be WLIR's "Scream Of The Week." (NYC reference, sorry.)

h/t LG-B


ge said...

Dangerously hooky. Had this [gracias a exy] alas on another deceased unit if any soul cares to share the alvin, thanks aheadatime. The kid's got a slouchy slacky punky dirt-behind-ears appeal no doubt, and this cut even has that maybe-beefheart-inspired echo at around 3:00

buzzbabyjesus said...

The description "80's synth pop" nearly kept me from listening at all, but it reminded some of that is good music.

Anonymous said...


Recordings like this is one reason I stopped listening to new music back then. Rock & Roll without soul. New for the sake of new is frequently not better. This is an example of that.

I guess work put me in a cranky mood today, but I must say it: a pox on New Romantic/Modern Rock of the 1980's.

Having said that of course I look forward to what ever you will post tomorrow.

Capt. Al

William Repsher said...

You lost me on the lead vocals. Everything else I like about the track. But I can't understand the use of echo on lead vocals with "indie" bands over the past few years. It sounded terrible to me the first time I heard it and still sounds terrible now. I actually enjoy synth pop and any sort of more modern music that either pays homage or aspires to that new-wave dance vibe. I thought Robert Hazard had a pretty choppy voice, but compared to lead singers now? He's like Van Morrison!

I'll stick with dumb, goofy shit like this that still makes me smile when I hear it:

Anonymous said...

Killer track!

ge said...

Like that? You'll love this!=

lets give it up for the kid, that's a beethoven hook