Friday, July 17, 2015

2015: The Best?- "THE WEEKEND MIX"

A little more than halfway through 2015 and my "Best Of The Year" list is looking bleak. I don't even like some of my favorite records so far. But I'm staying positive because that's how I roll.


Anyway, here are a dozen tunes I do really like from records released this year. In some cases, the songs do not represent albums I like. As you have read on these pages, I do not like Todd Rundgren's "Global," but I do like the song "Terra Firma."

But, definitely in the running for my faves of the year are Boz Scaggs, Kamasi Washington, The London Souls, FFS and Rickie Lee Jones.

New records from Wilco, Galactic, Jon Cleary and David Gilmour are on the horizon. But until then, here's what interests me.


She- Dwight Yoakam
Call Girl- FFS
I'm So Proud- Boz Scaggs
Alone- The London Souls
You're The Best Lover- Steve Earle
Hotel Blue -Jim O'Rourke
Going My Way- Paul Weller
Have I Got It Wrong- Bop English
Feet On The Ground- Rickie Lee Jones
Terra Firma- Todd Rundgren
Attics Of My Life- Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams
Clair de Lune- Kamasi Washington



Brad K. said...

New Wilco is available to download at band's website. There aren't any other posts visible as I type this, so I don't know if you've been informed.

As always, thanks for the mix and have a stellar weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sal, Have you checked out Ike Reilly's Born on Fire? Tops on my 2015 Best list, and with enthusiasm.


dogbreath said...

No argument from me on your choices generally and of Weller and the Franz Ferdinand-Sparks hookup in particular. But, then, my ignorance of new music is without limit! I must get out more even though I do enjoy being in my 70's orbit like the rocks and debris caught up in Saturn's rings. Cheers for the download & may your weekend go as you planned.

A walk in the woods said...

Thanks - will help me survey what's out there!! Surprised to see no Kanye....

kevin m said...

I'll be digging into the new Jason Isbell and Wilco releases over the weekend (along with going to U2). So far, I'm enjoying what I've heard from both but need more time.

And I agree, where is your Kanye pick?

hpunch said...

"I don't even like some of my favorite records so far"
Could be the quote of 2015.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sal

Nice mix



Sal Nunziato said...

Finchy, you are not the first to rave about Ike Reilly. I am on it. And Rhod, thanks for your continued support.

Michael Giltz said...

Still not down with The Tallest Man On Earth?
I'm also enjoying:
Sufjan Stevens
Amy LaVere and Will Sexton
Steve Earle (More than you, I guess)
Kendrick Lamar
The Lone Bellow

You are so half-glass-full, it makes Doris Day seem like in need of Xanax!

Sal Nunziato said...

@ Michael Giltz

I love the Steve Earle record. It's represented here. "In some cases, the songs do not represent albums I like." This is not "some case."

And while I think your "half-glass-full" line is very funny, I do have to defend myself. Liking mediocre music just so I don't seem cranky ain't my style. I am very "full-glass" with music I love.

And I did try Tallest Man On Earth the first time you raved and then again with your recent raves. I remember none of it. That's very key for me. I have to want to go back to it. And nothing made me want to.

Mark said...

#Finchy -- Ditto on Ike Reilly, and BORN ON FIRE's in my Top Ten too. I saw Ike on Thursday at the Mercury Lounge, the first time I've seen the ol' boy with his band, and he was on fire. Reilly's got an ability rub his fans faces into the underside of the American Dream, Libertyville, IL style, and unlike Springsteen's romantic NJ take on the Dream, Ike sees it as an institutional nightmare with a few moments of brutal clarity -- set against full-on rock 'n roll. AND he had the first few rows dancing.

Anonymous said...

Some see the glass as half-empty. Others see the glass as half-filled. Doris Day on Xanax doesn't even see the glass.

Sal Nunziato said...

"Que sera sera. Whatever dude."