Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday, Monday...AND Monday: Quick Takes To Begin The Week

I never cared for The Smiths, and with the exception of the very listenable Mick Ronson produced "Your Arsenal," I like Morrissey even less. But I do love his quote:

"It's very rare that a record label does something for the good of music. Thus we are force-fed such as Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith, which at least means that things can't possibly get any worse."

If it was 1979, Sam Smith would not be settling out of court with Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne over stealing their melody for his monster hit "Stay With Me." If it was 1979, Sam Smith would be headlining a clam bar/lounge in Reno.

And then there's this bit of fun from a place called "VerySmartBrothas." It's a piece called "10 Non-Singing-Ass-Singers That People Swear Can Sing." I was thrilled to see two banes of my existence, John Legend and Mary J. Blige, make the list. I haven't heard enough of the other eight people who made the list to pass judgement. But I've yet to hear John Legend or Mary J. hit a note that wasn't flat or sharp. Why are they huge? Why does no one care that they can't sing, aside from me and some very smart brothas?

Mojo Magazine's cover story for their August issue is "The Who's 50 Greatest Songs." Their cover of "Heat Wave" made the list but the first two songs that came to my mind as personal faves are not on the list. Here they are:

And finally, Jim O'Rourke has a new record out called "Simple Songs." I sat with it yesterday, giving both sides a real throwback listen- jacket to my left, lyric inner in my hands, no smartphone in sight. Check it out. Some terrific baroque pop, with fresh instrumentation. Very hooky.


Anonymous said...

re doing something good for the sake of music: add this to the pile of things we are nostalgic for pre-music industry bust. there was so much money sloshing around that Warners signed Flora Purim for no explicable reason in the late 70's (this after Columbia had sacked Ornette Coleman, Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett and Charles Mingus). I remember getting a Jean Ritchie promo from Sire, and a Jack Clement from Elektra. It was probably just resume-padding, but it certainly wasn't all hit-seeking.

Anonymous said...

and the Jim O'Rourke is nice, but isn't it weird that the Chicago of the Effigies, Big Black, Urge Overkill and Naked Raygun is now known for its chamber pop and the experimental Thrill Jockey and Kranky labels?

hpunch said...

I've been reading great things about the Jim O'Rourke, but I thought it could be another of those not-awful-is-the-new-fantastic situations that you often call out. But now that one out of one Burning Wood writers approves, I will most definitely check it out.
Have you heard the new Ezra Furman? I really love it. Don't think you will. Funny, you turned me onto him, yet you're not a fan.

buzzbabyjesus said...

The very worst thing I've ever seen is Kanye at Glastonbury, "singing" Bohemian Rhapsody. And then it gets worse the more I think about it. The first note out the get was a clam.

steves said...

buzzbabyjesus: I'm not a big fan of hip-hop, but I'll often find something to appreciate in the genre. That said, I just do not get Kanye. The guy is like a bad joke that never ends. I'm guessing I'm either too old to hear it, or I've awoken on the Bizarro world.

In any case, can someone please explain to me why in the world this guy still has a career?

Thanks in advance.

dogbreath said...

While I'm not a flag waver for Mr Morrissey or The Smiths, the mordant humour of singles such as "This Charming Man" and "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" (and who wouldn't be if they were Morrissey?) put them on my playlist for the offchance I'm marooned on the proverbial desert island. Plus I was surprised to see Alicia Keys on the "can't sing" list - not a fan but always sounded good to me (note to self: make doctor's appointment & get ears tested).

ge said...

Jim O: Had an unselect few of his projects to listen to
and of them all INSIGNIFICANCE* ranks highest-pretty lifetimey ---w/ great drummer drumming the drums Glenn Kotche, and tho' he is absent on the new one, Jim got hisself another Japanese wunderkind playing pretty amazing parts. This awaited new one is akin to INSIG. in many ways and Jim is a national treasure wherever he resides; his singing I like a lot-- achieves the elusive goal of anonymous unsingerly perfection, think of his heroes & mine

*full album: