Wednesday, July 29, 2015

No Surprises From Keef...Thankfully

If you hadn't heard by now, Keith Richards has a new record coming in September. The single, "Trouble," is above.

I like it a lot and I think that's interesting.

It has been over 20 years since Keef's last solo record "Main Offender," and this song sounds not only like something off that record, but also like something that could have fit perfectly on "Some Girls" or "Tattoo You," records that are over 30 years old. Nothing ever changes with Keith.

I love that and still I question why I love it.

I think the obvious answer is I don't like change. Do I really want to hear a Keith Richards electronica album? Does anyone? Still a very small part of me is thinking, even as I play some air guitar along with Keef's killer riffing, "Man, this sounds like everything else."

I can't wait for this record.


William Repsher said...

It sounds good. I hesitate to say "always sounds good" because there's been Stones product over the years that doesn't. But it seems like he locks in when he goes solo. My only problem with the Stones is I can't stand looking at them ... Keith looks almost exactly like my 81-year-old mother did before she passed, save she didn't keep skull key chains and safety pins in her hair. When I hear a song like this, I think, great. But if I had to see him perform, I'd probably focus too much on how he looks.

What could he do otherwise? Well, putting out acoustic blues albums, exploring his other influences, apparently he loves classical music, but unlike McCartney never got the urge to read music and learn how to play it. These guys are like CEO's in their 80's that I've seen, or Joe Paterno ... they just can't let go! This is who they are, and they can't walk away. Whether that's cause for pity or celebration, you decide!

buzzbabyjesus said...

It's pretty good, totally competent, but not as good as this:

The only solo Keith I really like.

kevin m said...

It didn't grab me at first but grows with repeated plays.

Not sure what my expectations are from Keith, Mick or the Stones at this point. But at least this sounds like Keith staying true to his roots. Cuz I think you make a point Sal. If Jagger did another solo record, you'd better believe he'd include folks like Kanye and Skrillex on it.

Really curios to hear what the rest of Keith's record sounds like. The review on Uncut is very promising.

Sal Nunziato said...

"If Jagger did another solo record, you'd better believe he'd include folks like Kanye and Skrillex on it."

I think this is a problem with many people, artists as well as everyday people in our lives, which is why I always resent the "get off my lawn" comments. Uncharted territory seems brave, but just as often is ill-advised. Nothing wrong with staying true and doing what you do best and def nothing wrong with not liking a McCartney/Kanye duet.

Gene Oberto said...

It would seem that the road does a body good. Keith is the heir to Chuck Berry and no one seemed to mind that CB stuck to his roots. Or Muddy Waters, or BB or those NJ denizens, Frank & Bruce. You want to dance with the one that brung ya. That said, Keith should cut about 90 seconds from that track and REALLY have something.

I have no problem with the experiments of any artist. That said, I can't recall any "expansion" that was seen as any more than just that...dipping a toe into new waters. Maybe Miles with his Bitches Brew/Jack Johnson/On the Corner period. On the songs of the week, Sal featured Todd's "Terra Firma." Why on earth a man who can write that amazing a song (as a plethora of others just as good) deems it necessary to wander like he does his beyond me.

Instead of Kanye, why doesn't Sir Paul get together with the London Souls?

Finally, to buzzbabyjesus, how come you didn't use this?

William Repsher said...

With Keith, it might be, "Hey you kids, get off my grave" the way he's looking in the past year or so!

buzzbabyjesus said...

Gene Oberto,

Because I like the studio version so much better. I think the live clip drags and sounds stiff.

Jeff Matthews said...

Sal, this was recorded in the same room at Germano Studios where you met up with us a few weeks ago!
Steve Jordan brought Jon there one night while Keef was messing around with sounds. Can't wait to hear the whole record.

buzzbabyjesus said...

I gave it another listen, and the song is pretty good, but is it just me, or is the sound, especially the drums, a little over compressed and glitchy? Like it was an 8-bit recording?

William Repsher said...

Sidenote: if it's Friday, it must be street date?